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Lunch Out… Dine Out…

December 22nd, 2008

Part of the holiday rush is to schedule parties left and right. Today, I meet my friend Joan for lunch in Shakey’s Pizza at The Walk and then join the Web-OSS department for dinner in one of the famous barbeque grill in Cebu which is the AA’s BBQ Restaurant.

lunch at "The Walk"with my ‘beauty’ friend Joan infront of the xmas tree at “The Walk” lunch at "The Walk"…lunch in The Walk Shakeys with our gifts :P…

It’s a full-meal-day for me… well, I don’t mind my diet today for I just want to enjoy with the people I want to be with in a festive occasion like this. Having this kind of activities is one way of expressing the Christmas spirit… like it is important for me to meet my friends and greet them holiday wishes personally and be able to exchange gifts with them while enjoying the food… It’s so fun being with friends in a long ordinary table enjoying sumptuous foods and exchange stories and laughter while Christmas songs play on air.
dinner in AA's
What I miss so badly today is joining my relatives for a simple dinner in commemoration of my Lola’s death anniversary, so sad I miss this occasion.

It’s 3 days before Christmas and I wish you all a blessed and happy Christmas! Happy Holidays to everyone!

Why December 21 is important…

December 21st, 2008

According to Wikipedia, December 21 is the 355th day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar and its 10 days remaining until the end of the year. It came to my attention that it was December 21, 1968 where Apollo 8, the first manned mission to the moon is launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida which this occasion always amazed me from the time my Science teacher in grade school announced this to class. How I dream to land to the moon also someday…

the manger churchxmas

Occasion: Rock Star Party!

December 19th, 2008

I am preparing to attend a Christmas party tonight with a Rock Star theme… and everybody should go in Rock Star attire. This is exciting! But, hhmm… I’d rather be a simple rock star tonight although I wish to look like Monique Powell of Save Ferris and win the “Rock Star of the night” award. Not bad!

Here are the things I learned from my 2-day preparation to be a Rock Star for one night occasion:

  • Wear a pair of jeans and a white plain t-shirt will do for you to look like a rock star with matching rock star make-up and a wig.
  • Monique Powell - rockstar

  • Interesting Monique Powel. She’s a lead singer for band, SAVE FERRIS (1995-2003) who performed and wrote 2 albums on Epic Records 1997 and 2001, until they broke up in 2002. This rock star is a California-base vocalist and was born in Los Angeles, California. She is currently working on her solo career and clothing line, Msquared Clothing.
  • Be realistic in choosing rock star attire and don’t do something that doesn’t match your body type.
  • You may pattern your attire from a real rock star that interests you like Monique Powel my case, because then you can do something where you are fond of.

My Little Princess’ 1st Birthday

December 18th, 2008

Nothing can compare how happy and grateful I was when I finally gave birth of the little and precious angel I patiently conceived for nine months… and here she is now, our beautiful and gorgeous little princess turns 1! My husband and I were planning to throw a birthday party for her and all I need to do is plan out carefully to make her day memorable.
my little princess on her birthdaymy little princess on her birthday visiting Poor Clare Monastery
her "Princess Belle" birthday cakeHer “Princess Belle at the Bridge” birthday cake by Goldilocks
her kiddie party with the host clownthe kiddie party with the host clown

Here are some 5 essential tips I learned and gathered from friends and from my readings that I want to share with you all.

  1. Plan it ahead. Planning is already proven essential before starting every project and I consider my 1st baby’s 1st birthday party a big project. Let all ideas pour out and laid it out in your notepad, don’t mind the writing, just write and write and organize it later. Discuss it with your partner and start gathering ideas. I started thinking and planning 3 months in advance.
  2. Create a Checklist. A checklist is very helpful so that nothing is left out during the preparation. Make sure to mark it checked every time you are done with the item/task and always review at the end of the day what are the things needed to be done yet.
  3. Be your own Boss. Since you are the one who plan it and creating a checklist, it is also fun and rewarding to do all the shopping, decorating, sending invitations and packing all the party bags and prizes, making souvenirs and balloons. It is tiring but so rewarding when it get to the point that your little girl or boy will be asking you who is doing all the dirty works when he/she turns 1. You can also play around with your budget if most of the work is with a personal touch.
  4. Party at home. It is advisable and practical to host the 1st birthday party at your own house so that your baby feels comfortable and can easily be brought to his/her room when tired.
  5. Hire a host or clown. Doing all the planning and preparing all the party items according to your own preferences and creativity is already enough to be a big part of the first important occasion of your little kid’s 1st birthday party. So the last item in your checklist is to make sure you hire all the help during the event, like a clown to host the party for the kids, instruct your household helpers to cater all the guests and will take charge of the orderliness in the party area. So, all you have to do is relax and entertain your guests.
    1. on her 7th month
      My little girl is a gem in my eye and I always love to see her little gorgeous and smiling face.

Gwen’z Sandwich – Yummy!

December 17th, 2008

Gwenz Sandwich food cart
There are times you need to express little ordinary experience and make it extraordinary. I have to rush so I won’t be late from our “Manager’s Meeting”… I need not to be late since I just joined the department and I want to give a good impression. Being a part of Management team is not easy huh.

So why is this day a very special occasion to me? Because aside from this is my 2nd meeting as a Project Manager, it is also where I got a chance to share my favorite sandwich to my co-managers. I am one of the sponsors to cater snacks during the meeting and I personally recommend “GWEN’Z Sandwiches”.

GWEN’Z Sandwich is base in Makati and is growing in Manila and has its first and new branch in Cebu, Philippines located in Cebu Doctor’s University Canteen. They serve grilled or cold gourmet sandwiches with very delicious fillings and with fresh vegetables… I won’t celebrate its taste if not true. GWEN’Z will soon hit Cebu and attract healthy conscious people from different walks of life.

Go grab and taste one, visit their website at

9 Mornings

December 16th, 2008

The 9 consecutive early mornings of going to Holy Mass in preparation of the commemoration of the Baby Jesus’ birthday is how some Catholic in the Philippines express their devotion and faith to Jesus Christ. The novena starts every 16th of December and ends on the 24th of December, exactly 9 days before Christmas. This novena masses usually starts around 4:00 dawn.

‘Simbang Gabi’ is the usual term of this occasion in the Philippines where all the native Filipino foods like ‘puto’, ‘sikwati’, ‘conchinta’, ‘budbod’ (in different dialects) are abundantly selling near the Church’s vicinity so that it becomes the next stop of the many Mass goers after the Holy Mass. I, myself experienced to buy and eat these foods after the mass and it becomes a part of every 9 mornings… bring them at home and serve for breakfast.

But what is really the essence of these supposed 9 fruitful mornings? My answer is simple; it is an occasion in putting Jesus first before doing anything else in the day. Putting Him first means preparing ones self to be worthy in celebrating His birthday.

So whenever I see all walks of life gathering in the Church very early, it reminds me of a 4-year old little girl saying to her mom “Mommy, I want to see baby Jesus smiling to all these different kind of people and give chocolates to those who completed the 9 mornings.”

Have a blessed 9 days of preparation for Christmas Everyone!