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The Walking Milestone

January 27th, 2009

walking confidently
One of the most exciting milestones of my little girl’s progress is watching her walk. My heart leap with joy when I heard my mom telling me on the next line from my IP SoftPhone that her “apo” finally knows how to walk! “Really? It was just yesterday that I got no luck in teaching her how to walk and she was so afraid to step her one foot with no support, and now you are telling me she already know how to walk? That’s a surprise, can’t wait to reach home!”

It is such a wonderful sight to look at when I saw her for the first time walking very carefully trying to reach my embrace. It makes my heart jump with joy at the same time fear of seeing her fall and cry.

ready to walk with daddy's support

At 14 months old, our little girl can now walk confidently in the mall and the proud daddy and mommy are just behind her back watching her cautiously. It is worth a celebration, an occasion of excitement and accomplishment for our part in aiding her to reach this milestone. Most of all I revel in the experience of seeing her walk for the first time and that makes me a very proud mommy.

The most colorful Religious Occasion – Sinulog 2009

January 18th, 2009
image of baby jesus image of baby jesus

Cebu City is once again in a very festive mood celebrating the very colorful and fun occasion of the month – the Sinulog 2009! I may not be in the streets watching closely the parade of dancers but I enjoyed going to the mall with my family. Different statue of the baby Jesus is displayed in the mall where it is so calm to look at. I also celebrate it by going to Holy Mass in the Basilica of Sto. Niño where I am so amazed with how heavy the traffic of people inside and outside the basilica and even if the rain falls and people are becoming wet they are still devotedly praying… while I am a little disturbed.

Why Sinulog in Cebu City is so famous around the world? For me, it’s because of the stunning talent the Cebuanos showed, dancing to the Sinulog beat and offered it to baby Jesus. The creativity of every participant makes the festival brighter and colorful. The Sinulog occasion traditionally lasts for nine days and the grand Sinulog parade is usually in the last final day of the celebration. Many wanted to complete the novena Mass in honor of Santo Nino so their prayers will be granted and I heard many stories about answered prayers.
Crowd of devotees
The fireworks display of this year’s Sinulog in Ayala Mall is fabulous that even my little 1 year old girl shows an amazing expression. For me it’s the best Sinulog I ever had. Looking forward for another new experience of Sinulog in the coming years.

Party with Jollibee

January 14th, 2009
party with jollibee

"Spot where my little girl is with her dad"

A Jollibee kiddie party in the Philippines is one of the joyous and prominent occasions where kids celebrate their birthday party, but today I found out it’s not yet true to my little girl.

I dress her up to attend to a Jollibee Kiddie party of her 2 year old cousin and when Jollibee the mascot appears in front of all the kids to give a dance number and entertain them all, she just couldn’t get near him…. Hehehe… I’m laughing everytime she turns her back when Jollibee approached her. Well, don’t worry Jollibee, maybe one of these days my little princess will get used to you. :)

I will definitely plan to celebrate one of her birthdays with Jollibee!

Occasion with a personal touch

January 13th, 2009

Baby Gab on a high chair
I remember how excited I am when my sister approved for me to do all the planning and preparations for her little boy’s 1st birthday. I want it to be simple yet special because aside from I adore my nephew so much, I also thought of working on this occasion with a personal touch.

I do the shopping of materials and birthday favors myself and make use of my own creativity for baby Gab’s birthday cake, guest message board, loot bags, decorations during the event, birthday banners, games and even foods. The occasion happened and was successful even with pressure on my part, but I take pride with myself in doing it with a touch of passion. I was also able to prove to myself that we can create a special party out of a limited budget.

birthday cake

"I design this birthday cake with a lot of thoughts"

birthday banner

"...and oh! I love this banner so much, i thought of showing the beautiful face of our birthday boy in the whole banner"

the centerpiece

"This is my idea of a centerpiece..."

It requires time, creativity and effort but at the end of the day, there is a satisfying achievement. Especially if somebody from the guest recognizes and appreciates the whole party… well, it’s all because of me!

Holiday Bonding

January 3rd, 2009

This year’s holiday is the longest vacation I acquired. I got 14 days leave from work with pay! And what is important is the opportunity to bond together with my little princess, and for me this is the most special occasion of the year – having time with the special people in your life. I value this occasion because most of my time are spent with a busy day-time job, think and work on our little businesses and some household events and chores that sometimes hinder me to give a quality time with my little girl.
bonding with mommy
I observe the following inexpensive checklist to ensure quality time together:

  • Chill in our room, play and laugh
  • Movie Marathon – Dora, Disney Princess, Disney characters
  • Play rhyme songs and sing with her
  • Feed and cook for her myself
  • Go out and stroll in the mall – a fun ride in Timezone
  • Dine out and order her favorite Congee in Chowking
  • Attend kids birthday party to simulate her interaction with other kids
  • Go to church together
  • Hang out in our living area and teach her how to walk

… and I can see how my little girl responded happily to the quality time her dad and I give her.

Welcome Year 2009!

January 1st, 2009

the midnight table
I don’t want to list down and discuss all the New Year’s resolution I have in mind now because ever since I was a child, none of my new year’s resolution list is exactly followed. All I did is reflecting for 10 minutes before the clock strikes 12, I don’t want to promise anything thru a list but I want God to guide me to do good things throughout this year.

As soon as the clock strikes exactly 12 midnight, everybody in the house start gathering in the table, pray and eat! What we have in the table for New Year is something that I really want to prepare for this occasion. Again, I made my specialty spaghetti and fruit salad, I ordered a Chocolate Roll from Red Ribbon and a honey glazed Chicken Ham from Dimsum Break, 1 pack of Toblerone chocolates and many more.

new year cakeA chocolate roll Red Ribbon Cake!
hamon de bola!“hamon de bola” sponsored by iComm International!
my own version of spaghettimy own version of spaghetti!
chicken hamchicken ham from Dimsum Break

I thank God for these foods that make this occasion complete and that may the Divine Providence continue to shower our family with abundant blessings and our daily bread this new year… Welcome Year 2009!