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A fully packed Occasion

February 14th, 2009

This is our Valentine Lunch Date with my favorite dishes; pancit, baked scallops and fish fillet

This is our Valentine Lunch Date with my favorite dishes; pancit, baked scallops and fish fillet

This year’s 14th of February is the most complete and hectic occasion listed in my planner compared the previous years. First is I’m able to convince my parents to visit me at home and celebrate Valentine’s day with me, so they stayed over the weekend. Second, my husband unexpectedly offered me a lunch date in Grand Majestic, so even how hectic our schedule is, we still manage to spend time alone with each other. And the third activity in my list is to attend the Wedding of my friend Christie in the afternoon, if it isn’t because of the rain, it is supposed to be a Beach Wedding.

My friend’s wedding is significant to me because, it is on this occasion where I am reminded of how beautiful love is and thanking God for giving me the chance to experience the beauty of married life. I can see how my friend radiates her angelic smile while walking the aisle towards her soon to be partner in life, it is palpable from that look that she is so in love and I am happy for her.

I remember the old days where Christie and I used to chat and exchange stories of our sad experiences with our ex-boyfriends… we sometimes expressed sad emotions then laughed at it. But gone are those days because finally, we found the right man’s embrace.

It’s an exhausting day for me, but it is an occasion full of love.

The beautiful bride

The beautiful bride

The aisle...

The aisle...

Happy Heart’s Day

February 13th, 2009

This is my favorite flower and this is the most beautiful bouquet of tulips I received on a Valentine's Day

The day of hearts is one of the most awaited occasion of the month of February and cupid seems very busy now preparing his bow and arrows to strike to those prospect lovers out there. Who knows this occasion is the perfect day where soul mates finally meet along the crossroads.

The first time I got a broken heart up to the moment I mended it was also the time I gradually learned to believe for love to find a way, and it just needs more patient and extra faith. I also experienced failed relationships and when the time I surrendered all the heartaches and pain and even stop dreaming of the right man to come… it was the time that my so-called “knight in shining armor” showed up in front of my desk during a job interview and introduced himself, and starting from that unexpected encounter, I eventually believe God sends him to me and the coming months after that was the best Valentines day I ever have!

So for all lover seekers out there, good luck and always believe that God will send the right one in His time even how long you waited. Happy Valentines Day everyone! 😉

My Desk

February 12th, 2009
my busy desk

my busy desk

Today is one of the ordinary occasions at work where I need to review all my pending and in progress projects and tasks. I might be just sitting on my desk for most of my working hours since I don’t have any scheduled meeting in my planner at this point. This is an opportunity for me to go over and review my projects and create documentation and sort all my flagged emails.

I set myself to concentrate on my backlogs today and work harder and forget about the pressing events at work these past few days. I wanted to be just in my desk doing all the day’s work since I’ve been away most of the time from my desk this week, I hope there will be no emergency meetings…

My desk is one of the beautiful place in the office for me… hehe.. even how crowded it looks, but this is the place where I feel so calm and relaxed amidst the pressure at work.

Recession – the sad occasion

February 11th, 2009

Worldwide recession is becoming so vivid now even from looking into my own wallet. As far as I remember this is the first time my hubby and I eat and share to a 1 order of Jollibee spaghetti. I’m laughing because when I checked on my wallet, the money I have won’t accommodate a 2 order… hehehe… But anyway, that is not the main part of this very sad occasion.

I feel so sad after I realize that some of my officemates are getting retrenched, even how Management tried to hide it, the atmosphere will still continue to reveal it. I heard of big companies forcing to retrench a hundred to thousands of their employees, others reached to the point of closing it. Millions of people lost their job without having a time to prepare. So sad that I told myself, that I am still lucky that I still have my job and I don’t have the right to complain and complain for a benefit that is not duly given, for a low salary, etc… because anything can happen.

Yes, I also fear to lose my job, but one thing for sure, God will always make a way, He will never leave me off handed. This is a very sad occasion I blogged so far but this is also the best occasion to thank God for my job and for the continued blessings He showers upon us. There’s always hope, it’s not yet the end of the world, let’s do something to survive and believe.

Happy Birthday Angel!

February 6th, 2009

sinulog_n_parkmall007Time flies so fast that our dear youngest sister in the family turns 12 today. Indeed an occasion to celebrate because this day will mark her new journey towards a more challenging life. She’s not anymore a baby that I used to think her to be but a young girl who now knows how to answer me when she thinks I am wrong and unreasonable and even know how to refuse some of my demanding favors. Oh well, time change and so do the attention and thinking of a young girl.

“Happy birthday girl and your big sister wish you all the happiness in this new start of a more challenging journey! Stay angelic as you are! I’m coming home with a 21 inch JCA pizza or a special Goldilocks cake maybe.. hhmmm..”

Happy Monthsary!

February 4th, 2009

The 4th of the month always etched a mark in my memory that it is a monthly occasion of simply remembering the sweetest moment when we vowed to love each other for the rest of our life. It is important to me because without that occasion of my life, I won’t experience how fascinating it is to be a wife and a mother.

I remember how I insisted my hubby to make it a point for us to celebrate 4th of the month with something special that requires time, material things and money but in return he responded that he disagree the idea. I feel bad that time, but later I realized he was right, we can spend the occasion by simply reminiscing and being together even without fancy gifts and restaurants.

And guess what happen today that makes this occasion something to recall in the next month? We are caught by the Police beating the red traffic light on our way home from the office. Good thing, we are able to convince them not to confiscate my hubby’s license and instead the Police only fine us with a citation receipt… ahay. 😉