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My Wallet

March 31st, 2009

Friends need to constantly communicate with each other in order for friendship to survive. Even how busy and hectic our schedule is, a simple text message and short snack time together helps a lot to maintain the relationship. Meeting with my friends over dinner after work or even a short chit chat over snack time even if our offices are miles away and still spend effort to meet, is always an occasion for me to cherish. My ordinary day will always become a special occasion every time my friend and I exchange stories and laughter together.

A very good and sweet friend of mine shares a very special time with me yesterday, our meeting was short but it indeed rekindle the lost time we did not see and talk to each other. And she is the most generous friend I ever got, I am so grateful to have her as a friend. I am surprised when she handed me a new wallet as a gift from her Hongkong trip, I’m so happy at the same time very touched for her sweetness. My Girbaud wallet needs to be replaced really although it is still useful but it is no longer presentable and having this new special wallet in my bag feels me so good. Honestly, this is the best gift I ever received from a friend, I will treasure this wallet as much as I treasure our friendship :).

my new wallet

my new treasured wallet

my old favorite girbaud wallet

my old favorite girbaud wallet

Thank you “dear”, you are not just beautiful outside but also in the inside. One Jewish saying says that “who finds a faithful friend, finds a treasure”. A friend like you is always a precious gem… hard to find… difficult to part with and treasure forever. I’m so lucky… I found you! Love yah!

Moving Mannequins

March 28th, 2009
this is the first pose I saw where it took him 1 minute before he moves to a new pose

this is the first pose I saw where it took him 1 minute before he moves to a new pose

I am so amazed for having witnessed moving mannequins during our weekend mall strolling with hubby. At first I thought I just saw a complete human look-a-like mannequins and it made my eyes gazed at it because I saw how gorgeous and presentable their mannequin is but only when I find some people starting to take pictures then I realized that the model I thought a mannequin is actually a real human being. What a beautiful art and talent to look at. Well, I believe its ordinary sight for some but for first timers like me, I can’t help but appreciate, standing their like mannequins do and not moving for minutes is impressive to me.

Window shopping at Rustans in Ayala seeing their mannequins makes this day with my hubby entertaining. We always spend time together as much as we can and occasions like this brings unexpected excitement that we both can share, it’s a good relief and break after a busy weekdays.

Reminiscing Graduation Day!

March 24th, 2009

One of the most triumphant and popular occasions in the month of March is the Graduation Day where students then called graduates have finally passed the different challenges in academic requirements and withstand all kind of school pressures. This is the day where parents feel proud and relieve especially if graduating with flying colors.

I received a text message from my sister today who will also be graduating high school this month that she will graduate as 1st Honor. As the eldest who also supported her studies in some little ways, I feel so proud and happy for her and I’m sure my parents are even more happy. I can sense from my sister’s message that she is also asking for a treat to celebrate this momentous occasion of her life… of course it cost a celebration!

Back from my elementary and highshool years, graduation for me is not complete if I don’t receive any honorable mention and awards, and I’m happy that my sister also strived to graduate bringing another medal home. College is more challenging and tough, that I even shed some tears during those years and still manage to receive my diploma. My College Graduation Day is the pinnacle of my student life and it will forever etch in my memory, that day was the commencement of great opportunities outside the four corner of university building and that day leads me to where I am sitting now.

For all graduates this year, my heartfelt Congratulations! Move Forward!

Happy Birthday Atty. Ai!

March 17th, 2009

This is the 1st gift I got from the birthday celebrant last christmas! hhmm, I wonder what will be my birthday gift for her.. hehe

This is the 1st gift I got from the birthday celebrant last christmas! hhmm, I wonder what will be my birthday gift for her.. hehe

The month of March in my planner is full of birthday reminders… and today I am jotting another birth date, its Atty. Aileen Cabalda’s birthday tomorrow. I’m glad that it reach my attention today that tomorrow is her birthday for at least I got a chance to greet her before she take a birthday leave.. hehehe…

Why I marked this occasion here? Well, it’s basically because I admire this lady and I look up to her as one of the best and good colleague in the office. She is not just a kind and understanding manager and stakeholder of some of my projects but also a good friend to me and everybody in the office. I learned something from her being fastidious and those bright ideas… this lady once inspires me. And for all these, I wish her all the best in life, good health and beautiful baby to come soon… :)

And wow, the birthday cake from ‘Angelica’ bakeshop is delicious huh; honestly it’s my first time to taste “Angelica” cakes. For sure, I will recommend this cake on the coming birthdays that I will be attending.

Happy birthday girl! 😉

My Sister Grace’s Birthday!

March 14th, 2009

I make it a point to join my family to celebrate my sister Grace’s birthday in her place. It’s a sort of get together and homecoming since I visit them so seldom now. The occasion goes well, I get to eat my mom’s dishes again and the bonding as a family is wonderful.

I love occasions like this because it always brings me back home. :) There will be another additional to the family soon, because the birthday celebrant is pregnant, I hope it’s a girl so they could get together with my little princess too, it’s so exciting. I wish my sister good health especially she is expecting and a bright future for her family.

My sister with her family... I love that kid at the center so much!

My sister with her family... I love that kid at the center so much!

Sis, You will soon become a mother of two, it’s not easy but I know you can make it. Always be responsible and always pray because prayer will make you strong. I remember how both of us used to tell each other what is life when we got our own kids and family and we were so clueless that time… but here we are now trying to build and solve each pieces of the puzzle so the result of the whole picture will be a successful married life and we will become a responsible parent to our beautiful kids. Good luck Sis, and Happy, happy birthday! Love ya!

My little tot’s reads?

March 12th, 2009

I marked this ordinary day a special occasion because I saw another milestone of my little girl’s growth. I am amazed to see her grab a handbook and started to turn pages and mumble words that only she can understand. It makes me laugh all the more when she started to walk while looking on the pages as if she is reading.

What a smart picture with a little 1 yr old girl on it. I read many stories of smart little kids in magazines and internet and it makes me happy, so how much more if my own baby reveals the same smart moves. Every parent wishes to see their child grow intelligent so questions like what and how the intelligence of my child will be enhanced?

I have the following ideas in my list that I got from many sources that will serve me as a guide:

  • give quality time to develop close and intimate relationships
  • encourage a healthy sleep patterns
  • give time to talk to her everyday before going to the office
  • play nursery rhymes
  • smile back with her
  • stimulate engagement with language and ideas by joining her in what she is discovering

But generally, what I believe much so she could be more intelligent is to give her all the attention and love. This is an occasion where another milestone is discovered and makes me proud of my little girl again.

Hhhmm… not to mention that she is starting to appreciate playing the buttons of her Dad’s PSP…