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The Wedding – Ms. Judy Ann Santos now Mrs. Agoncillo

April 29th, 2009
What a beautiful couple on their Wedding Day!

What a beautiful couple on their Wedding Day!

I am one of the silent and big fan of Juday since I saw her in Mara Clara and even my mom like her so much, hehe… and the more I admire her now when I read the early news in the net that she finally tied the knot yesterday morning away from publicity!

I appreciate their idea of surprising the public about their wedding day and chose to celebrate the occasion solemnly and intimately with just close friends, relatives and family members. Indeed Mr. and Mrs. Agoncillo value the sacrament of Matrimony so much and I am happy to know that. Judy Ann looks very beautiful in the photo I got and I love the gown and the overall simplicity of her aura during this most special occasion in her life.

I have so much to say just to express how I admire this actress so much but it might be a long post already. One thing that inspires me about Juday is her humility and simplicity even how big her achievements already – from showbiz career to business to culinary education, lovelife, then now to married life. For me, she looks more and more beautiful each day and Ryan is such a lucky man!

Congratulations to the newly wed beautiful couple!

WEBOSS Paintball meets at BIGBY’S Cafe

April 26th, 2009



The HSBC Staff on their team building company activity

The HSBC Staff on their team building company activity

The WEBOSS Ground Extreme Paintball owners gathered together to the first general board meeting this year and the place I recommend them is the Bigby’s Café and Restaurant in SM Northwing Cebu. The occasion is quite successful because 99% of the board is present plus everybody I believe enjoys the food and the meeting is well organized following the agenda. I mark this occasion because aside from this is the first meeting of the owners this year, it is also the first time for the group to hold the meeting in a cozy restaurant like Bigby’s and the treat is on a ‘company expense’.. hehe… It is amazing to see these young entrepreneurs who ventured into this kind of gaming/entertainment business and see how each of the owners learned the hardship and challenges in the business environment.

I have two things to recommend for this occasion: one is to play paintball with your friends, officemates and even family members and surely play it in WEBOSS Extreme Ground Paintball and the second one is take your food trip after playing in BIGBY’S. I love the latter’s “wild-wild west steak and gravy”, its my favorite but of course you can try a lot more, what WEBOSS tried in this meeting is Bigby’s Food Trip platters, and what I love in the former is that paintball can relieve your stress from work and even from school, most of WEBOSS returning customers are professionals, students and call center agents.

Occasions like birthdays, sportsfest, family outing and company team building can be celebrated in WEBOSS Paintball, you can visit their website at for more info. It might be painful and messy when you are hit but base on my interviews with some of the gamers, the pain doesn’t stop them from playing because it is simply enjoyable and fun!

Then after the game, your friends can go on a food trip! It will be an enjoyable occasion indeed!

Our House Blessing and the Priest found a Ghost?

April 17th, 2009

Do you believe in ghost? Me? I believe they are around but I do not see them nor feel them unlike other people who have special ability like a ‘third eye’ that they can recognize a ghost or lost spirit in every place where they may be found. I always heard stories about them and this time coming from my family… the movie ‘The Others’ of Nicole Kidman is also one of my favorite.

Why I mention ghost and spirits here? Because they showed up during my Tita’s house blessing. My lola invited a priest who is a close friend of the family and is known of his ‘third eye’ ability. Now this supposedly festive occasion mixes with horror when the priest announces to the family after the celebration that he found an old lady sitting in one of the room. It’s scary but true, because my aunties and most of my cousins seen some peculiarities in the house and thought that there are indeed ghost inside the house.

But well, my opinion is… as long as they won’t harm the people living in the house, its fine and they continue to be just ‘The Others’. The House Blessing is still a successful occasion.

My Grandpa turns 80

April 16th, 2009

I have to ask permission to the COO of the company for an undertime of 3 hours from work today so I can attend my Lolo’s 80th birthday and persuade my hubby to file undertime too so we can both go. This is an important and special occasion to me as his ‘apo’ because I care for him so much and I’m happy that he reached this age. Yes, my lolo is already old but despite of his age, he still keeps on preaching the word of God thru a bible study that is usually held in his place, I admire him for this apostolic act and he remains to be an adviser of the lay ministers in the parish. He used to preach the bible in the mountain part of our province but since it is too risky for his age now to go in those places, his doctor advises him to stay home but the whole family is all-out support for his apostolic activity and suggested to hold it at home instead. I believe activity like this makes my Lolo strong and live his life to the fullest.

His wish is simple and that is to see his children and dozens of ‘apos’ join him on this occasion – his 80th birthday. Another wish is to be able to invite all the people who usually attend his bible study. And for this, it means the family should prepare a big birthday celebration to accommodate these visitors even if he did not ask us to do so… and everyone in the family contributes and has its share for the celebration, just so to make this occasion special and unforgettable for him.

I bring him a cake and when I arrived, I asked everybody to sing a Happy Birthday and my 80 yr old Lolo blows his candle, without making a wish, hehehe.

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Family Summer Outing in Villa Teresita

April 11th, 2009

Our family summer outing this year falls on a Black Saturday and we spend it in Villa Teresita in Talisay, Cebu, one of the well known and best pool resort in the city. This is the best occasion for my little girl as well as to my nephew who both are on the same age because this is the first time we go out swimming in the pool with them. I enjoyed the view of watching my little girl with her Daddy assisting her wobble in the water so happily, I can see the excitement in their little face and I can see how amazed she is.

with my sisters, my hubby, my little girl and my nephew... enjoying the clean and cold water!

with my sisters, my hubby, my little girl and my nephew... enjoying the clean and cold water!

We have a whole day of fun under the sun and the place is great. This is my second time to be in this resort since my last visit with my friends 8 years ago and I can see the big improvement of their resort now. The pool vicinity and the cottages are well groomed and even the pool itself is well maintained and clean, maybe because they restrict to wear the improper swimming attire. The 5-storey slippery slide is fantastic, my hubby tried it and enjoyed a lot, although I personally thought it’s so scary, I can’t imagine myself sliding on it. Overall the place is great and I recommend you visit the place too for swimming this summer.

This is one of the best family occasion worthy to cherish that is why I make it a point to bring my camera and capture every moment with no fail. :)

... with her dad

... with her dad

my nephew

my nephew

The Debutante on a Good Friday

April 10th, 2009
this is her first time to dare wearing a two piece... mom allowed it already since she's finally 18!

this is her first time to dare wearing a two piece... mom allowed it already since she's finally 18! Happy Birthday Girl!

I’ve been thinking how to make my sister’s 18th birthday memorable even without throwing a big debut party for her. Since her birthday falls on a Good Friday where Catholic commemorates Jesus’ death, throwing a party is the least idea to consider because we are supposed to be focusing on this Religious event. My sister gave up on the idea of having a big blow out to her friends and wearing her dream debut gown and dance with the 18 roses.

But who said we cannot celebrate this special occasion? I convinced the whole family to be present and indeed we are complete, such a big family! It’s a private celebration where only the direct family member gathered and greeted her a happy birthday. We are having fun eating and laughing at the rooftop of our house where we all gathered with only tempuras, squid balls, sardines, fish fillets, fruits, salads, ice tea and ice cream in our table. We party all night with still a Good Friday spirit, fasting with no meat and no excessive drinks, but it’s indeed fun and my sister is so happy.

It’s a meaningful Good Friday for me, Jesus died on the cross and this occasion brings the whole family together, we all hear the Mass celebration in the parish that lasted 3 hours and the simple birthday party for my sister wraps up the day. We are also looking forward for our planned family outing tomorrow, everybody is ready for swimming in the pool.

…and shall I say, Thank God it’s Good Friday!