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Our First Ever Family Reunion

May 17th, 2009

My cousin and I organized our first ever family reunion this month and we both decided to celebrate it during our grandfather’s 80th birthday. It’s a double special occasion for the whole family… not to mention that it’s my cousin’s birthday 4 days after the reunion. With a limited time, we decided to give it a try and convinced all members of the family to gather and attend the event. I picked the place, a semi-private resort is my best option because we are free to do anything we want and the whole place is exclusively ours for 1 whole day.

Such a big family and how fun it is to witnessed such event where every member of the family is present headed by my Lolo with each of his children who also bring their own big family, not to mention the family of some of his 1st generation grandchildren. Some of my cousins also bring their boyfriends or girlfriends and what amazed me the most is when I heard that my aunt just gave birth 2 weeks ago and the newly born baby who is my new cousin also attended the occasion. I saw many unfamiliar little faces which I learned that they were all my cousins and I only meet them on this reunion, some are already grown up that I don’t recognize their faces anymore.

Family reunion is one beautiful way to bond every member together and reunite the relationships especially seeing each other is very seldom. After this successful event, everybody wants to hold gathering like this annually, and maybe next time we could organize a complete program that will add the fun. But even if how short notice this occasion is for all of us, I appreciate the cooperation and the attendance. Everybody can’t wait for me to upload all our pictures… haha…

I am looking forward for our next Family Reunion and I will make sure it will be extra fun and memorable.


Summer Outing at Cebu Beach Club

May 16th, 2009
my Claire's photo shoot

my Claire's photo shoot

One of the best places to go outing and swimming in Cebu is the Cebu Beach Club in Mactan. It is a beautiful Saturday and the weather cooperates with the occasion to make our summer outing possible. The place is great and it gives me another chance to bond as a family. My 1 year old never gets tired of playing in the water and it is only on this occasion that she learns how to walk by her own in the kiddie pool and enjoyed jumping into the water and playing with other kids in the pool.

I got lots of beautiful shots of her as if she’s doing a photo shoot in Cebu Beach Club.. hehe… It’s another family bonding occasion this summer and I still have one lined up!

Cebu Beach Club pool side

Cebu Beach Club pool side

Cebu Beach Club with Cottage view

Cebu Beach Club with Cottage view

My Best Mother’s Day Experience

May 10th, 2009

When my mom texted me 2 days before Mother’s day and expressed how she wish all of us in the family to gather and hear Mass in the Cathedral for Mother’s Day, I just cannot say No. Even though I have other surprise plans for her, but I quickly change it and do what she wishes. I am just glad I changed my plans because the whole activity for this occasion is very spontaneous and that makes the fun and excitement.

I highlighted 3 spontaneous activities for this special occasion of mothers:

im fine with no flowers.. the bottle of champagne is sweeter

im fine with no flowers.. the bottle of champagne is sweeter

First, when the clock strikes 12 mn and luckily I am still awake because I am watching a movie in our room, my hubby surprised me with a bottle of champagne in bed and greeted me a “Happy Mother’s Day!”. And we drink until I got drunk and finished 2 movies… haha! … I am so touched.

Secondly, even I still have my hang over, I manage to fetch my parents and siblings in the province and without minding the exact time when will the mass start, we all go to the Cathedral and hear the next mass, it is such a beautiful church. What is special to this visit also is to see and say a prayer in the Holy Door since it’s just recently opened, and it just make me realize how I need to review my Religion lesson and get the whole story of why this Holy Door is very significant to the Catholic Church, and honestly it is my first time to visit it.

And the third one is where to dine? They all leave the decision to me and I lead the way… I just ask my hubby to drive while I’m still thinking where to go, I wanted something different and not the usual fine dining in our fave restaurants. Alas! I thought of bringing them to a barbeque picnic in a nice plaza under the beautiful bridge in Mactan, Cebu, we just buy the foods and drinks along the way and eat in one of the cottages overlooking the sea… such a beautiful experience because my parents and my sisters haven’t gone to the place yet and they were simply amazed.

Such a perfect occasion and this is the best “Mother’s Day” I have. For all mothers out there I believe you have also your best experience of this special occasion… how beautiful it is to be treated special by our children even just for this day.

Happy Mother’s Day!

“The miracle of Life nurtured by a woman who gave us love and sacrifice… MOTHER.” – Joel Barquez

Boxing – The main event

May 3rd, 2009

It’s time to watch boxing for a Pacman-Hitman fight for millions of people worldwide while I choose to watch “X-men Origins-Wolverine” movie in Ayala. It’s not that I don’t like to watch Manny Pacquiao fight Ricky Hatton but to watch Hugh Jackman just excites me the more. I’m also worried to see what will be the outcome of the fight after I read many reviews that Hatton has the bigger chances to win the fight…

The Filipino's 'Pambansang Kamao'

The Filipino's 'Pambansang Kamao'

But luckily, I’m so happy that Manny Pacquiao makes the Filipino people proud again! This is the occasion where the Philippines embrace significant world victory once more. I marked this occasion as significant because in Cebu alone, newspapers claimed that they hit zero crime rate during the duration of the fight, isn’t that fantastic? I am not a big boxing fun, my hubby and dad is… but because of this incredible prowess in the ring that Manny Pacquiao shows and for his being influential and a peace-magnet even for a short time, it just makes me convinced that this man is worthy to be called the ‘Pambansang Kamao’ in Filipino.

I remember one occasion 6 years ago where our family gathered completely in our living room lead by my father and watched, cheered, shout and jumped with joy during one of Manny Pacquiao’s fight… that’s the occasion where I first saw Pacman in the ring and learned how exciting boxing is.

For this, Congratulations Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao! More Power!