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Family Picnic with the little girl

June 21st, 2009

claire's photo shoot in the park
It’s another family picnic get-together-weekend for the three of us and I’m again surprised of my discovery in this occasion of family bonding with my little girl. She is so happy that you cannot stop her from moving, running and chasing other children in the park. What impressed me is when she learned to interact with other people asking her to pose for a picture and she can immediately gives her ‘pa-cute’ smile and ‘pa-effect’ pose… hehehe… My 1 year old brings such joy to both of us!

I think I know why she is so happy today, because this is also the day where she turns exactly 1 year and 7 monhts old.. haha…

The Wedding Anniversary

June 13th, 2009

cakeMy parents wedding anniversary falls on a Saturday and I failed to carry on my surprise treat for them to go to a vacation rest house where I rented for 2 days somewhere in the south province. And as the eldest and usually the event planner in the family, I need to organize another treat that will make the occasion memorable and special to them. I treat the whole family in one of the best seafood restaurant in town, The Port Seafoods in Waterfront Hotel. It was such a heavy dinner and everybody enjoys the eat-all-you-can meal!

It’s another occasion worth to cherish and it makes me happy seeing the 2 special people in my life still loving each other upto their 28th year in marriage and of course up to the remaining many years to come. I am proud of them, for even how hardships they encountered in making all of us grow to where we are now, they continue to nurture their relationship and preserve their marriage. I look up to them wishing that my marriage will reach that far too. I believe it will because having a good and happy family is one of the best foundation.

Happy 28th Wedding Anniversary My, Pa… 😉

Independence Day in the Philippines

June 12th, 2009
philippine flags along the high way towards the airport.

philippine flags along the high way towards the airport.

I see Philippine Flag waving everywhere, inside the offices, schools, big establishments, in streets and even hanging in each car. And it reminds me of the Philippine Independence which is celebrated every 12th of June. In order to observe the importance of this occasion, the government declared this as a legal holiday which means, generally no work and no classes are held this day. Thanks to my history lesson, I learned to value this day as one of the special occasion in the country. I remember when my history teacher presented in class different story of how different countries acquire their Independence, the whole class was so attentive and many questions were raised and from that point I learned to appreciate this occasion.

Independence is one of the beautiful words for me, the sound of freedom and self determination makes individual strong and alive. It’s so wonderful to be free! It’s a broad and extensive expression, and we can relate and share a lot of things about it.

I am free, you are free, we can do anything we want as long as we know our limitations. How to celebrate Independence Day is up to each of us because it doesn’t only stop from history of how the country acquired it but also means the individual freedom to make our country a better place to live in.

Happy Independence Day Philippines! Mabuhay!


June 4th, 2009

flowersAnniversary is one of the special occasions that can be celebrated in commemoration of a past event that occurred on the same day of the year as the initial event. The degree of what to commemorate makes this occasion worth to celebrate, and this is what I want to ponder now.

I checked my planner this morning and it reminds me that today is our anniversary as young couple… you know, the thing we call each other girlfriend or boyfriend… :) But sometimes, guys does not recognized this occasion, but it is important for most women. When I greeted him first with the thought that he forgot, I beamed when he asked if we are going to celebrate 2 anniversaries as a couple and that he is quite confused because he only marked the wedding anniversary, haha… well, maybe I am just too corny tagging and commemorating these 2 dates that linked us.

But at the end of the day, I still wanted to celebrate it even with a simple dinner and greeting e-cards… and I shouldn’t expect something special from him in return. For me this kind of anniversary is special, because if it weren’t for this day, no wedding anniversary will follow. :)