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Birthday Leave

July 27th, 2009

It’s my friend Anne’s birthday and since I cannot see her in person to greet a ‘Happy Birthday’ for she is base in Manila, i tried to pop her a birthday message in YM many times but got no response… she is offline! I’m about to get upset when I remember she mentioned to me a week before her birthday that she will make sure to pamper herself on her special day by having a “Birthday Leave”. Wow, ever since I got a job, I don’t remember taking a leave from work during my birthday, and now it strikes me that I think I need to try and do the same. I admire her idea to take a break from work every time she commemorates a special occasion in her life… even up to the anniversary of her job!

Yes, ‘birthday leave’ can be a stress relief and a breather from the busy desk in the office to have a special time by yourself, in other words take some ‘self-care’ occasion.

I’m sure my friend is enjoying her special day a lot and it gives me an idea to file my 1st birthday leave in advance now… :)

JK Weding Entrance Dance

July 25th, 2009

As part of my occasion watch this weekend, I am surprised when I got up early this morning and found out what is in Yahoo’s frontpage… the now very popular “JK Wedding Entrance Dance”, that hits 3.5 million and counting views in YouTube. Yes, it might be funny and unique way of making the occasion unforgettable, but one thing that came to my mind easily is that, the solemnity of the wedding ceremony is gone… I thought having this kind of wedding entrance will be reserved during the wedding entrance in the reception hall. But well, at the end of the day, the conclusion is: it all depends to the couple’s way of expressing their occasion to make it memorable, it’s their special occasion anyway!

To check out how the couple have their own unique way of “A walk to remember” scene, i quote the YouTube link below… enjoy!

Our Wedding Gift

July 24th, 2009

I am tasked by my two colleagues in our department to look for a wedding gift that we will give to our boss in his wedding day. And as the only lady in the department, they asked me to purchase the gift according to my preferences and idea, so they give me all the freedom what to choose huh,… well, I feel obliged and I tried my best to get the perfect wedding gift.. hehe, kind of difficult.

For me, special occasions like weddings can be a way to express how well you know either the bride or the groom by acquiring a wedding gift that suits them… I come up some guidelines before I rummage my favorite malls for a wedding gift:

  • Discuss to my friends their idea of a wedding gift – and of course I got a ‘you-are-the-expert-it’s-up-to-you’ answer.
  • Review my notes as to how well I know my boss – one thing I know of him is that he is fond of travelling and he got lots of native and unique things in his desk and even in his house, hhmm..
  • Ask my hubby’s opinion since he is also my personal adviser – and indeed I got lots of ideas from him, like; “do not dare give any home accessories, let the couple decide how to design their homes, your gift might end up out of the picture…”
  • Canvass and lots of canvassing – I end up from one store to another until I found the one I think perfect for the couple…

I have the gift beautifully wrapped now for the wedding this afternoon… I learned one thing when I had my wedding too – that wedding gift is nothing without the presence of the giver.

Another Harry Potter Movie Date!

July 18th, 2009

I made 2 sureseats reservation for a Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince movie 4 days in advance since my hubby was so persistent in asking me to book a perfect date for us to watch this newly release Harry Potter movie. Having movie dates is also one way to strengthen the relationship of each other, enough for me to rate it as an ordinary special event, an occasion to bond. Going to movies with families, friends and special someone is so much enjoyable especially when after the movie, we gather together to have something to eat and discuss the outcome of the movie.

I admit that I’m a ‘movie-holic’ (my term) before, watching almost 5 movies in a month, I don’t buy my own copy of the movie in DVD before because I wanted to see the action in the big screen of my favorite movie houses. And I remember that there was this one movie date that instead of enjoyed the movie I slept and the irony is that, the movie we watched was the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone movie! Haha… it’s not that I don’t like the movie, it was simply a bad date because I’m tired. I ended up watching the movie alone the next day.

Well, I’m sure I will be enjoying my movie date tomorrow because aside from I’m sure it’s another good Harry Potter movie, it is also another bonding occasion with my partner – he is always my best date in a movie, because of him I learned how to reserve all my questions only after the movie instead of asking while the movie is going on… hehe..

Handmade Wedding Invitation

July 16th, 2009

I’ve been busy preparing for my cousin’s wedding invitation this past few days… scouting for materials and come up with lots of design concepts until I finally got the combination of what it takes for a presentable invitation. I’m glad that when I showed the mock up of the wedding invitation to my cousin, she easily appreciate it and her friends too… it inspires me the more to continue working on it.. hehe..

a quick preview to my cousin's wedding invitation - not finished yet.

a quick preview to my cousin's wedding invitation - not finished yet.

My objective is to create a wedding invitation with a personal touch, and below is my basic steps to finish this project:

  1. Research. I do research and read some articles on how to create a good wedding invitation.
  2. Design Studies. I do not have to stick to one design only but to gather lots of designs from the net and even in the wedding shops around the mall… I don’t like to carbon copy the designs I saw from the magazines, internet and stores, instead I use them as a pattern for me to innovate.
  3. Final Design. After I gather all the designs that passed my concepts, I come up with a combined innovative wedding invitation product base on my theme and my cousin’s preferences of course.
  4. Canvass Materials. I got my final design mock up on hand, now it’s time for me to canvass to different paper shops to scout for materials that I need… ribbons, papers, beads, etc…
  5. Costing. I go back to my table and compare notes, these are the prices and material details I gathered during my canvassing of materials… here, i got an exact idea as to how much my wedding invitation cost. This step helps me not to over purchased materials that I don’t need and mind the budget. (my cousin has a limited budget and I have to respect it, so this is hardwork and challenging.. hehe)
  6. Purchase Materials. Since I now have the idea of how much it cost and how many pieces of papers, ribbons and beads I need, then I can shop easily.
  7. Wedding Invitation Work In Progress. Now I got to the final activity and that is to convert my mock up to a final wedding invitation!  Exciting!

I love doing stuffs like this and even if my cousin give me a very limited time to work on her wedding invitation, I don’t find it a problem instead I enjoyed it… all with a personal touch… 😉

Happy Christening Day, baby!

July 12th, 2009
our baby is fast asleep right after she is baptized.. hush.

our baby is fast asleep right after she is baptized.. hush.

When my sister delivered her second baby, everybody in the family is excited because we are so expectant of the gender, since my sister decided not to get an ultrasound so for it to be surprised. All of us want a baby girl and indeed it is a healthy beautiful baby girl! When the first time I saw her, I noticed that she looks exactly like her mom, at last… hehe.

3 weeks after she gave birth, our new baby is finally baptized today… its baby Jezrah’s christening day! And again, as the occasion critique in the family, I told my sister that she should have held it in a bigger function room, since unexpectedly she have many visitors… but fortunately, all our visitors have a great time even the weather is not cooperating completely since it rains but nothing stops the fun. Our little celebrant seems very observant because she didn’t really cry a lot throughout the event.

Baptismal occasion is one of the important Sacraments in the Catholic Faith, where the priest officiate the sacred ceremony inside the church with holy water and candles as the main symbol. With parents and godparents surrounding the child, the priest welcomes the baby to the Christian world by pouring the holy water in the child’s forehead. Usually the baptismal celebration is done privately but for baby Jezrah, it is held in the middle of the Sunday Mass in the parish.

I’m glad we have another little angel in the family… Happy Christening Day, baby! Looking forward to your 1st birthday, I’m sure it will be another great occasion!

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