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A Simple Birthday Treat

August 27th, 2009

My brother will turn 20 tomorrow and I’m thinking how to make him happy on his special day without breaking my wallet… with much deliberation, I decided to give him a birthday treat by meeting him for dinner after his class. I already briefed my sister to tell my parents that a birthday party or a big dinner in the house will not be possible this time since most of us were on a busy schedule this week. But I’m sure a big celebration is not what my parents to have but only to see all of us gathered again through an occasion like birthdays.

A simple birthday treat can already manifest a memorable occasion… I remember when my classmates way back high school surprised me with a birthday treat by wearing my favorite color and giving me presents full of green, one of those presents was even a pail full of plain green leaves, I can remember how I laughed so hard and it became the most beautiful and unique gifts for me… and the last treat they gave was my birthday cake and it was decorated also in green! it was so funny and very memorable… that up to now I cherished everything and it was one of my happiest birthday!

I hope my brother will be happy to see me on his birthday… my treat… :)


August 27th, 2009

It’s my friend Lennyl’s birthday and since she is out of the country for work, i cannot greet her personally… I hope my birthday message reached her roaming number. :) I’m kind of melancholic every time a close friend of mine celebrates their birthday and I cannot come to see them and greet them in person, whew! this time… Dubai is very far…

I’ve been away from my desktop for 3 days now and I feel so preoccupied… I have lots of plans this coming days which excites me and amidst all these upcoming events there are times I need to pause and just be quiet and that’s what I’ve been doing the past days.

A trip to ‘The Walk’ and grab some pizza for dinner completes my day… Happy birthday Len! :)

Papa’s 48th Birthday

August 23rd, 2009

What a beautiful day for a special occasion such as my father’s birthday! Every year this day reminds me of how grateful I am to have a father like him. I witnessed all the hard works, the care and love he showered to the family and most of all, I witnessed even the mistakes and the down moment of this man whom I called my father. Everybody wishes a perfect and a great dad… but a good father is also an imperfect one… and through that imperfection I see the beauty of his being a father… those imperfect moments made the two of us talk and discuss to each other and form a bonding that rekindle good relationship.

A father who loves me, cares for me, cook for me, supported me in every things I do, spank me when I commit mistakes, and bring me to the altar to step the next chapter of my life independently and call me in the middle of my hectic schedule just to say ‘I miss you and I love you‘, and a father who commits mistake and bad decision and in turn give me a chance to scold him and advice him for those mistakes… :)

All these moments with my father reminds me of how thankful I am to have him in my life. And because of these, his birthday is worth a celebration every year.

Town Fiesta

August 22nd, 2009

foods in the table

foods in the table

My planner reminds me to visit parents place for the town fiesta in Minglanilla today. I planned an evening trip to get rid of the heavy traffic going to the place. I believe it’s not only a mere town fiesta but also for Catholics in the town, it is the fiesta of the Immaculate Heart of Mary which is the patroness of the town. I saw lots of a week long fun activities in their schedule for this fiesta in the net but no one gives me a result of schedule for their masses. Well, sometimes people tend to enjoy much and eat much in a fiesta but forget to drop by their parish and hear Holy Mass as thanksgiving.

Well, what is this occasion that we call ‘Fiesta’ anyway? According to the, it is an “occasion on which people can assemble for social interaction and entertainments…” Each country around the globe has different way of celebrating this occasion, Mexico and Philippines is very popular for this kind of event… even Filipino community around the world celebrates their own fiestas to feel the fun and celebration of their country, if not they fly home from the United States just to celebrate. It is a whole day of fun games, people dancing to the music, parades, pageants, entertainment and a lot more of fun activities… and of course abundant food is never absent… lots and lots of foods in every house is one of the highlights in every homes to complete their fiesta.

The picture of a fiesta that first captured in my mind when I was still a little kid was endless of visitors coming in and out of our house starting from lunch time to supper time… and foods in our tables were very abundant to accommodate people who come to eat… that sometimes I even don’t know who and where they come from, haha..

Happy Fiesta!

Ninoy Aquino Day

August 21st, 2009

Occasion: Commemoration of the death of Benigno ‘Ninoy’ Aquino, Jr.
Holiday Date: August 21
Official Status: Special Non-working Holiday
Why we celebrate this occasion? Ninoy’s heroic act to the Philippines

Yes, It’s a special non-working holiday today and occasions like this gives me an opportunity to bond with my family and spend quality time together at home… also a time for myself. Today I feel so relaxed and I tried not to look at my planner so I will be more focused on house keeping and not on upcoming busy schedules. I found time to browse the whole house this morning especially those corners that I seldom got an opportunity to go during my busy working days. One of my favorite place in our house is the rooftop, it’s over looking the neighborhood and sitting here makes me so relaxed, oh! how wonderful it is to find time to pause and keep the silence…

Well, we owe thanks for the rest day we are enjoying now to our heroes especially to Ninoy whom Filipino people are commemorating today… :)

My “Tapa King” Experience

August 20th, 2009

tapaking_experienceThis day is one of those ordinary occasions but wanted to make it different from the previous days by having a lunch out in The Walk, IT Park Cebu. I’m deliberating which restaurant to go that can satisfy my hunger at the same time enjoys good food and service… well, there are lots of choices when I wanted to spend special occasions by having dinner in “The Walk”… there’s Casa Verde, Shakey’s, Moon Café and a lot more. This time, I ended up trying Tapa King again.

Since their opening day, it’s my 2nd time to dine at Tapa King, my first impression was not so great, and nevertheless I still wanted to try it hoping I will have better dining experience this time. But unfortunately, I’m quite discontented after I realized my hunger that food is served longer than usual, I wonder what took it so long to serve my food knowing the fact that there were only 3 customers waiting and my order is just a tapa with sunny side up egg. I tried their ‘Tapa Queen’ which their attendant described it as sweet and spicy… the tapa is not served hot and is not spicy at all…and to my dismay the serving is not valuable for an 89.00 pesos and the food is not delicious. Sad to say I got a bad dining experience for this occasion.

But maybe their other menu taste good… their lined up menu is impressive to look at, from salads, sandwiches, meriendas to deserts… but it seems like I will not be able to try them since I’m not coming back to Tapa King for a 3rd time, not unless when one of my fastidious friends will recommend the place or I can read good credible reviews.