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Happy 2nd Birthday!

November 21st, 2009


Since 2 years ago… I never get tired of thanking God for giving me the best gift I could ever imagined – my one and only little girl! We are celebrating her birthday and the more I thank God for giving her good health all these years… Like all mothers feel, nothing can compare how happy I am seeing her every milestones and today is one of the highlights. My Claire understands that it’s her birthday and even if I did not throw any kiddie party, she was so happy and so energetic seeing all the familiar faces of the whole family surrounding her.

For me, it’s still a big party at home because we are a big family and everybody is in the mood to celebrate this special occasion… It is such a busy day, from malling in the morning, buying her gifts, balloons, cakes, then preparing the food at home for dinner, and of course we don’t want to miss the Holy Mass as a thanksgiving. Then the rest of the night is eating and drinking and Claire is still up playing, running and laughing with her cousin on her same age. One thing for sure, this little girl is happy! :)

Happy 2nd Birthday baby! We love you!

New Moon Movie Premiere Night

November 20th, 2009

I reserved 2 tickets a month in advance just to watch Twilight, New Moon movie – and yes! the premiere night is tonight! 1 hour to go and I will be in front of the big screen! When I claimed my ticket this afternoon, I end up waiting for almost 30 minutes… and you can imagine how long the line was towards the movie ticket booth! And all Premiere seats were taken, whew!

I’m not really a fan of Edward but I admire his mysterious character, I hope the movie will be as exciting as reading the book. This will be my first movie premiere experience, because I usually don’t go out on a premiere night because of the crowd, but this time I want to try it and don’t wanna miss the fun! I’m also excited with the new character of Jacob. See you tonight New Moon cast! hehe.. ūüėČ

Getting Married

November 8th, 2009

wedding_ringIt always excites me when my friends deliver a sweet announcement of; “Hey, guess what?¬†I am getting married!”

My friend who is the groom to be popped me a message over MSN last Friday¬†that he is getting married 2 months from now… the news didn’t surprise me because I’ve been expecting this kind of news since 3 years ago.. hehe! I’d love him to get married already and at last I’m so happy to hear it directly from him. He asked me to be one of their secondary sponsor and it is such an honor for me to be part of this special occasion of his life and I don’t want to miss it!

I am not a wedding planner, (although I wished to be one…)¬†but I always love to volunteer a little service to make the occasion possible… designing give-aways, even going to the market and different malls to purchase the raw materials, designing invitations, researching the net for the best wedding gown design, name it… and I’d love to do it for my friends. Most of my girl friends are not married yet because they are still enjoying being single¬†and in-love, and I am looking forward for their turn to give me a ‘getting-married’ news… :)

83rd Birthday

November 4th, 2009

My hubby’s lola who is also my lola of course turns 83 years old today! It is an occasion full of love and happiness… the whole family from her children to grandchildren are all thankful for she reached this golden age in good health. She is a very strong woman and that is one thing I admired her the most. Despite her age, nothing can stop her to be active, to go to the market alone, prepare delicious foods (she is a good cook!), watch movie with her friends, go shopping, collect books to read during free time, and go to church regularly.

The first time I saw her, I already see a unique and strong personality in her… she accepted me in the family, she stand by us during our wedding day… enough goodness that I will cherish forever. For all these things, I am one with the whole family in celebrating this special day. I rummaged the mall during my breaktime to look for a gift to her, and with a limited time… I decided to give her the best red wine I can think of… at least something she can also share to her friends.

She texted me this afternoon at the middle of my work and remind us for our dinner tonight, of course I will be present! Happy Birthday Lola!

Trick or Treat for Kids

November 1st, 2009

fairyI’m glad hubby and I decided to sign up our little girl for a “trick or treat” kiddie party in celebration of the Halloween for it is such a memorable activity not just for Claire but for all the parents who bring their kids too. The theme of the party goes “Spookytacular Kiddie Party” – and it is indeed a spooky occasion for all the kids in the company.

A week before the halloween, all departments in the company were decorating halloween tricks in every corner of the office… the creativity of the staff is amazing! I saw graveyards with candles, coffin with pictures, cobwebs in almost every corner of the walls, bats, crickets, there’s even dolls with spooky look hanging on the doorway and a broken leg with unreal blood hanging in the lobby! haha! imagine that! And on the day when the 50 kids ages from 1 year old to 7 year old arrived in the office’s main lobby with their colorful costumes, the place become more scary than the previous days… my officemates are already on there scary costumes, the office turns dim with red lights on the hallway… at the back of my mind, I appreciate all the creativity and thought it’s the happiest Halloween I ever had! Representative from IT Web department won the scariest costume this year – and it’s indeed scary, plus his acting is superb! Wow!

When the kids forming one line are ushered to the path where they will get their first treat, I can see my Claire’s surprised look at her surroundings but I cannot say she is scared yet. When the kids reaches the line and every corners where it’s already the staffs in scary costumes giving them their treat, they all started to be scared, and crying started… my little girl accompanied by her daddy is quite strong, she only tremble when the man who won the scariest costume approached her. Wheh! Overall the occasion is successful and memorable!

We are able to bring home 1 big plastic full of candies, chocolates and toys! Amazing!


right, won the best costume... left, 1st runner up