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Long distance birthday greetings

August 27th, 2010

It’s my friend’s birthday, but we are ocean’s apart… and I know there is no reason for me not to be able to greet her a “Happy Birthday”.

With lots and various emerging high tech trends nowadays, I can’t think of a reason if I still fail to send a long distance greeting to family members, friends and loved ones for any occasion. Not unless if the reason is being “unthoughtful”, busy, or simply no time to do so…

I have listed some options I can think of for me to be able to extend even a simple “Happy Birthday” message to a long distance friend of mine:

  • Connect to the internet and login to any popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Friendster – post a shout out to her wall or send a private message.
  • Write a blog with my special birthday greetings in my personal website and send the link to my friend – it’s another way of greeting a friend with a personal and unique touch.
  • If I’m in travel but within the “Wifi” area, grab my iPhone and connect to a free instant messaging that we are both subscribing. My favourite is the “YAK” application, very simple and handy.
  • Send an email with personalize electronic greeting cards – there are lots of beautiful e-cards flashing in the internet.
  • Grab a cellphone and dial her roaming number – it’s expensive but we can hear our voices and exchange talks.
  • Lastly, chat and open my video cam – especially if I know my friend is also always online.
  • And oh, sending birthday cards by snail mail is also an option! :)

Well, there are lots of options to take, the “techy” way or the “old-school” way – whatever our option is, I believe that sending greetings to loved ones will make us a part of their special day and will surely make them happy.

Birthday celebration for dads

August 23rd, 2010

yummy "cookies n cream" cake from "Red Ribbon"

Happy birthday to the best dad I know!

I’ve been thinking how to make my dad happy on his special day, then I realize a birthday celebration for dad need not to be expensive or extravagant. Dads are usually happy with a simple happy birthday greetings coming from their loved ones. Well, maybe because unlike women, some dads usually don’t spend much time partying.

I can’t find a perfect birthday present for him yet… but I’m sure bringing him a birthday cake will already make him happy… :)

Want to share this poem I like to send to my Father on his birthday,  from

Good Man

Every year, your birthday reminds me
how grateful I am that you are my father.
With all that’s going on in the world today,
I’m thankful I get to watch you,
to look up to you, being an example of a good man.
What a privilege it is to observe your strength,
your competence, and your kindness.
I am so blessed to be under your wing,
your protection, your care,
learning important life lessons from you.
If all fathers were like you,
the world would be a very different
and much better place.
Happy Birthday, Dad!

Minglanilla Town Fiesta

August 22nd, 2010

Happy Fiesta!

As a Catholic, A “Town Fiesta” usually involves thanksgiving and celebration of the parish’s patron saint. It is an occasion where the town-folks gathered together and enjoy lots of fun activities initiated by the parish and the municipal government officials as well. The sumptuous foods, drinks, “disco”, games are just some of the items in the list when you go to fiestas.

Minglanilla is known to be the “Sugat Capital” in Cebu and is also known during its town fiestas wherein full pack activities are well prepared by the organizers yearly. I always make sure to travel back home every fiesta and be with the whole family. This year’s fiesta  fall on a Sunday so I will make it a point to hear Holly Mass in Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish itself, whose feast we are celebrating.

I’m sure varieties of Filipino foods are waiting in the table when I get home… not to mention the all time favorite of Cebuanos, the lechon, then my favourite chicken curry, pork menudo, pancit, lumpia, and many more. Oh, it makes me hungry now, so I better pack my things now and go to the province.

Happy Fiesta all Minglanilla Town folks and visitors!

Friendship Anniversary

August 15th, 2010

Celebrating friendship is one of a great occasion, and remembering the day when we installed the friendship will strengthen the bonding. Way back in high school where we found each other and formed a group of 6 and then became close and almost shared the same passion, ideas and activities in school. We then realized that we could be friends for life then we marked a date as a day to commemorate our friendship yearly.

I tried to recall how we usually celebrate our anniversary way back in high school and it makes me smile… I remember that I wanted to make sure that I greeted a “Happy Anniversary” to the 5 of them first so I set my alarm clock 5 minutes before 12mn, so I can send a text message greeting right away. One of our favourite activity to make the celebration complete is to make sure that we heard holy mass together in our school chapel. The simple exchanging of gifts and letters will mark a remembrance of the celebration also.

Now that we have different lives, hectic schedule from work and family makes it difficult for all of us to bond regularly, some are even out of the country. But despite of the distance and time, I’m still proud that we remain friends for more or less 15 years now… and counting. Amidst all the misunderstandings, petty fights and long silence between each of us, the essence of friendship when blessed will never vanish. And we will always remember that we call ourselves ‘Cheramis’, which means ‘best of friends’.

Happy Anniversary Cheramis!

Leather Wedding – 3rd Anniversary

August 4th, 2010

our church wedding

One of my favorite occasions is an “Anniversary”, may it be my parents’ anniversary, friendship anniversary, and birthdays can also be an anniversary though in a special way. Well… it makes me feel good when I’m being thoughtful especially to an occasion that involves loved ones. The best anniversary occasion is of course my own wedding anniversary. In general a wedding anniversary is shared intimately and quietly between the couple in a special, private and romantic settings. And how we celebrate this occasion? Here’s my simple sharing… :)

Hubby and I celebrates our 3rd wedding anniversary which is traditionally known to be a “leather” wedding, it’s symbolic in a way that it represents the durability of your marriage. Though we did not exchange gifts together like leather belt, leather bag, leather wallet, etc… I believe that being together on this occasion and accompanied with our only little girl is already a durable representation for me.

Let me share some highlights of how we celebrate the occasion.

ucc coffee cafe terrace

cyma restaurant - greek cuisine

For our lunch date, we decided to pick a class A restaurant where we are both first time. We went to Cyma restaurant then in Ayala and relished the Greece cuisine, it’s definitely a good dining experience for me, loved their food and the salads… my hubby loved the prawns.

Dinner should be more special, so after a quick strolling and shopping, I reminded myself to pick up our little girl at home in order to join us for dinner and hear the 6:00 pm holy mass at the same church where we exchanged vows. The mass is the most important activity for me, because it is one special way to thank the Almighty that we reached this special occasion. After the Holy Mass, we had dinner, which we also wanted to pick up a new dining place and it’s him who personally choose “UCC Café”. Though it’s not really our first time, because we had dine at their Makati branch when we were still engaged, but it’s our first time in Cebu since the cafe opened.

It is simple and spontaneous, that is how we celebrate our 3rd year! After all, whether it’s our 3rd time or 50th year, it is important to celebrate wedding anniversaries together in a special and memorable way we can afford.