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How to make your hubby happy on their birthday

September 27th, 2010

for Lunch - Blue Elephant The Walk IT Park

for Lunch - Blue Elephant The Walk IT Park - his favorite

for Dinner - Giligan at Ayala Terraces

I got lots of options in mind how to make him happy on his special day. I will share some of them to you:

  • Go out of town together in the place where we both haven’t gone to
  • Buy him a new gadget, his favorite (psp, itouch)
  • Throw a party at home exclusive for his friends only
  • Treat him to a spa
  • Dinner in the best restaurant in the city

Well, I have to pick only one though since I’m not a millionaire to have them all in just one day. I realized that aside from all these gifts and treats just to make hubby happy, one important thing that cannot be bought and too expensive but I know I can afford is “Time”. So even both of us are busy in our respective career, I make it a point to meet him for lunch near his office. So we have lunch in “Blue Elephant” at the “The Walk, IT Park”. I chose the place because it’s new and we haven’t tried it yet. The food is good and affordable, and the place is cozy.

I did not choose to throw him a party or go out of town but one thing I realize is that having a simple and sweetest time together even in the middle of your hectic schedule already means a lot to the man you love. A dinner in “Giligan” in Ayala terraces completes the occasion. So just finding time together will make a husband happy on their birthday.

Shopping Spree, Flowers and Tsim Sha Tsui dinner for my birthday

September 15th, 2010

a surprise bouquet of my favorite flowers

Claire playing on her table while waiting for the food...

It’s a good thing to have availed of a birthday leave and away from my office desk and laptop so I can enjoy my birthday the whole day. I’m not going out of town this year or any lavish party at my expense for this special occasion of my life. But I only wanted to have a special dinner with the 2 most special people in my life and a shopping spree treat. I even did not expect an expensive bouquet of flower to be delivered in my office the day before my birthday.

I always make it a point to go to Church first before all other occasion activites and hear Holy Mass as my thanksgiving to the good Lord who has given me so many blessings in my life. And this year is even unique because I am able to go to Confession as well. It’s a perfect day, the weather is good and the planned dinner to Tsim Sha Tsui in Ayala makes my stomach full… It’s my first time to this restaurant and I’m pretty satisfied with the food and the ambiance is good, maybe because the place is mostly coated with my favorite color.

I also got everything I want from my shopping, from shoes, to dresses, spa, etc… and I can say, I got all I want for my birthday plus a surprise bouquet of my favorite flower coming from the love of my life completes the occasion. Indeed a very happy birthday to me!

Nativity of Mary

September 8th, 2010

For Roman Catholics, September 8 is a very special Marian day in commemoration of Mary’s nativity. This occasion is celebrated as a liturgical feast highlighting Mary as the mother of Jesus Christ.

Mary’s birth was extraordinary, because she was conceived without original sin for God had chosen her to be the mother of His only Son, Jesus Christ. Her parents Joachim and Anne were beyond their child-bearing years so they prayed that God would grant their aspiration for a child. It was clear that the grace of God already started with her parents when they asked God to grant them a child and He gave them the Virgin Mary.

I remember when my Theology teacher asked the class to write an essay about who is Mary in our life.  And all our answers amazed our teacher because it’s almost of the same thought and same belief. Mary is my “protectress” to all bad elements in life and a “bridge” to Jesus, I turn to her when I’m down and ask her guidance in my daily activities. I’m so blessed with Mary in my life and despite my unworthiness, I continue to feel her presence and with so much faith, I continue to embrace her into my life.

Happy Birthday “Mama Mary”!

The “ber” months

September 1st, 2010

What are the “ber” months? First thing that comes to my mind when September 1 flashes in my calendar is that Christmas is fast approaching, the most lively and awesome occasion of the year. The “ber” suffixes month obviously started September then October, November and finally December, and as early as 1st day of September, Christmas music is on the air… in radio stations, malls and even at home. It makes me feel excited to celebrate Christmas.

September is also my favourite month, because it has the most number of special occasions in my planner.  Looking forward to a fruitful, safe and enjoyable remaining 4 months of 2010… and it is yet 155 days to Christmas.