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Amway Sales Convetion

October 24th, 2010

I never been into a sales convention before but because of my curiosity plus my good mentor and “upline” treat me to the event, I decided to join them and fly to Manila for a 1 day convention in order to witness and discover the beauty of Amway.

What is Amway anyway? I love how they say it in the convention… “Amway is helping people live better lives.” Create a ripple and attract others to join in helping people live better lives. I believe in this phrase because I feel better including the whole family when we started to maintain Nutrilite vitamins.

I’m introduced to Amway early this year by my Doctor and started to like their Nutrilite vitamins, and I keep on patronizing them up to now… from Nutrilite to Artistry which is their beauty products then to their home care products. I am very open to this kind of business because I believe it is not just networking people but also building friendship and camaraderie between members. And I also believe that Amway is pushing me to do business and be an entrepreneur someday.

Attending the convention makes me want to jump to the top level right away and be awarded, just how those successful people get rewarded and recognized. I’m sure it’s a nice feeling having your own business through Amway, but listening to them in the convention makes me realize it is never easy to be an entrepreneur, but it is possible! Well someday, I maybe one like them creating a ripple, helping more people live better lives… So, I didn’t regret to be in this occasion because aside from building opportunity within me, I also meet new friends and get to know my doctor and “upline” well. I’m proud of her for gradually making it to the top despite of her hectic schedules and she still managed to handle the business part time with flying colors.

The sales convention is successful plus I got to see Paeng Nepomuceno up close in person…

Gab’s 3rd birthday

October 18th, 2010

he is already happy to have the simple cake and and blow his 3 candles

It’s easy to make little kids happy on their birthday, a 3 year old can already recognize that someone is making him special. They hug you and kiss you when they are happy… such a nice feeling indeed.

And for my only one nephew, I tried my best to make him happy on his 3rd birthday by dropping off my sister’s place after my work even if it takes an hour travel. Toys will make Gab happy so I pick a big toy train for him and of course our presence.

Everytime we celebrate my nephew’s birthday, it also reminds me that my Claire’s birthday is fast approaching and the next couple of weeks will be exciting to me as I love planning and preparing for her birthday. I just can’t help to have all the best for these kids.

Happy Birthday Gab!

busy setting up his toy train...