3rd Kiddie Birthday Party

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Who would expect that a sunny and fair morning up to the mid afternoon will turn the clouds cumulus and pour big rain? And exactly the time that the kiddie party starts, the rain also starts to pour. I start to get panic because the party that I planned for almost a month will not turn exactly how I wanted to have it for the kids. Why? it is because the venue is at our rooftop with only a half portion of it got shaded… and because of the rain the kids are forced to gather only in the shade. But I gradually got calm and composed myself when I found out that despite of the unpredictable weather, the kids are enjoying and participating the games and the programme… thanks to the two clown host that I hired.

I learned a very important lesson from this occasion – and that is to have a Plan B in every event planning. I could have plan it that when it rains, the kids can be transferred indoor immediately or could have set up the whole area with shades.

It turned out to be a successful birthday party after all, because from the look of the kids bringing with them the prizes and abundant goodies and foods, I can say they enjoyed the party. And most of all, the birthday celebrant enjoyed it. 🙂

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