Happy Christening Day, baby!

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our baby is fast asleep right after she is baptized.. hush.
our baby is fast asleep right after she is baptized.. hush.

When my sister delivered her second baby, everybody in the family is excited because we are so expectant of the gender, since my sister decided not to get an ultrasound so for it to be surprised. All of us want a baby girl and indeed it is a healthy beautiful baby girl! When the first time I saw her, I noticed that she looks exactly like her mom, at last… hehe.

3 weeks after she gave birth, our new baby is finally baptized today… its baby Jezrah’s christening day! And again, as the occasion critique in the family, I told my sister that she should have held it in a bigger function room, since unexpectedly she have many visitors… but fortunately, all our visitors have a great time even the weather is not cooperating completely since it rains but nothing stops the fun. Our little celebrant seems very observant because she didn’t really cry a lot throughout the event.

Baptismal occasion is one of the important Sacraments in the Catholic Faith, where the priest officiate the sacred ceremony inside the church with holy water and candles as the main symbol. With parents and godparents surrounding the child, the priest welcomes the baby to the Christian world by pouring the holy water in the child’s forehead. Usually the baptismal celebration is done privately but for baby Jezrah, it is held in the middle of the Sunday Mass in the parish.

I’m glad we have another little angel in the family… Happy Christening Day, baby! Looking forward to your 1st birthday, I’m sure it will be another great occasion!

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