My Christmas Tree

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Christmas is in the air once again and the thought of it makes me festive and everyday starting the first week of December seems like a busy day always… preparing things for the upcoming parties, scheduling lunch and dinner with friends, shopping for christmas decors, and foods to serve during the occasion and most of all the gift giving.

All these activities are very popular once a year and that is during the Christmas season. Decorations will never be complete without the christmas tree at the corner of the living room where the whole family will gather and exchange each others gifts.

I dream of a 7 ft christmas tree full of christmas balls and different colors and sizes of decorations all over it.  But I think it’s not yet time for me to have it yet, so I settled with our old 4 ft christmas tree which the family used for over 5 years. I know my christmas tree is still beautiful especially with lots of gifts underneath that we can share to everybody.

Hhhmm… Maybe I can also try a live christmas tree someday. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

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