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Thank You Steve Jobs!

October 6th, 2011

Whoa! I’m back and blogging again… I think because I’m sad yet inspires me to write after reflecting of the news that I read this morning. The great mind of Apple Inc., Mr. Steve Jobs is dead. :(

Steve Jobs, the great innovator of the new centuryI’m saddened about the news of his death. And I can’t help myself from writing my personal reaction of his death… this is my way to extend condolences to the man that changed the world through his many hi-tech innovations and to whom my hubby look up and serve as inspiration in his job as an IT Specialist. The computing industry truly lost a great, unique, and brilliant mind, a one of a kind innovator of the new century!

I started to appreciate the brilliance of this man when I got my new iPhone 2 years ago that made me decide not to get any other new phone even branded one as replacement… because I simply got the best phone in my pocket already! Well, I would definitely get a new one but it should be the upgrade of what I have now… must be iPhone 5 😉

Steve’s innovation of iPod, iPhone, IPAD… are very human that even a 2 year old can already navigate on it… and I love to see my 3 year old able to download a new free game when my iPhone is with her… she loves playing on it and navigating every icons. Oh, it makes me a proud mom, because I didn’t teach her how to use it but she handles and learned it by her own… I owe it to Steve Jobs for bringing an extraordinary UI that is so human and easy to understand.

I think I just don’t admire him now… I love him… :) My prayer is for his beloved family in this time of grief.

Rest in peace Mr. Job! You will always be remembered! You definitely touched everybody’s lives including little kids.

Minglanilla Town Fiesta

August 22nd, 2010

Happy Fiesta!

As a Catholic, A “Town Fiesta” usually involves thanksgiving and celebration of the parish’s patron saint. It is an occasion where the town-folks gathered together and enjoy lots of fun activities initiated by the parish and the municipal government officials as well. The sumptuous foods, drinks, “disco”, games are just some of the items in the list when you go to fiestas.

Minglanilla is known to be the “Sugat Capital” in Cebu and is also known during its town fiestas wherein full pack activities are well prepared by the organizers yearly. I always make sure to travel back home every fiesta and be with the whole family. This year’s fiesta  fall on a Sunday so I will make it a point to hear Holly Mass in Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish itself, whose feast we are celebrating.

I’m sure varieties of Filipino foods are waiting in the table when I get home… not to mention the all time favorite of Cebuanos, the lechon, then my favourite chicken curry, pork menudo, pancit, lumpia, and many more. Oh, it makes me hungry now, so I better pack my things now and go to the province.

Happy Fiesta all Minglanilla Town folks and visitors!

Casting my precious vote

May 10th, 2010

I promised myself to stop browsing about politics after this election day, especially that I got hook into the Green Team fever this past few months… not only because I am following a favorite presidential candidate but I’m learning the other good side of Philippine politics.

Now is the occasion to cast my vote… and they said this year’s election is historical since it’s the first time the Philippine Government launched the Automated Election. I travel to my province to take part of this occasion with a little excitement of how it will turn out. But to my little dismay, I never imagined a long line and long hours of waiting in order to reach the door of my precinct and finally feed my ballot to the PCOS (precint count optical scan) machine… well, this is the machine that makes our election automated. Four hours of waiting under the heat of the sun just to cast my vote turned out not an automated election to me, and I just thought that maybe only the transmission of votes is automatic but not the whole election process.

My impression and observations may not be that good but I’m glad I managed to finish the election activity. I hope and pray that whoever gets the mandate of the people will lead the Philippines into a better place to live in, for the future of my little daughter. God bless the Philippines!

Philippine Election 2010, I am for Gibo Teodoro

May 7th, 2010

It is now barely 2 days before the Election and this is my first time blogging about Politics because it is also in this same occasion that I got a good first impression in one of the presidential candidate. I promise not to say anything bad about the other candidate but I will be bias to the candidate whom I proudly supporting and that is no other than the former Defense Secretary Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro. Yes, I am bias and I tell you why. :)

Some of my friends might not agree with me and I respect them. My choice is not out of emotion and out of popularity and most especially not because of false surveys! I do my research well, in fact in day 1 I tried not to be biased, read articles from left to right, read and watched Presidential forums and debates so I can compare and assess well all candidates who applied for the highest position of the land, and only one passed my criteria.

I love listening to his every word speaking of reconciliation and did not promise any eutopia. I see a new face of politics, no mudslinging, all positive and straight forward campaign. Intellectually, he is well prepared and do his research well before standing in front of the crowd… Physically, he outwits them all, tall and got the good looks… most especially, he is a Family man, with beautiful wife and son, indeed a picture of a future first family.

Many have said and posted these reasons why they vote for “Gibo Teodoro”, and definitely my reasons too:

  • Gibo is the only candidate who speaks of reconciliation and unity
  • The only candidate who does not offer promises of paradise but realistic solution
  • The only candidate with a clear platform of government and region specific plans and strategies
  • Gibo does not appeal to emotions just to gain votes
  • He is not tainted with corruption or any scandal
  • He has the best qualification for the job
  • He has integrity, competence and character
  • He has a political will to make his platform of government real

He is my President, win or lose! I will vote for the future of my daughter, I will not resort to be influenced by winnability but by my principle of choice. Why should I pass this chance of voting the right man for the job?

If I am the owner of the biggest company looking for CEO, I will definitely hire the most competent, eloquent, and who will give me a clear and realistic plans for my company.

Vote wisely friends!

I heart Rivermaya…

April 17th, 2010

I’m not an avid fan of rock bands but I occasionally listen to them especially ‘Rivermaya’ and I started to like this band and listen to their  popular energetic rock music that makes me dance a little bit in my seat when I put my headphones on while working…  and I admired them for making a stand to support and raise the banner of one of the best Presidential candidate this coming election.

I like the lyrics, the tempo, the beat and the arrangement of this particular video… There are a lot more good video ads in YouTube that I like performed by Rivermaya for Gibo but this is the best for me. :)

Yes! “Dapat Gibo” nice title and very inspiring. Kudos to the people behind this video, worth sharing!

Sinulog Fireworks Competition, 2010

January 17th, 2010

Unexpectedly, we were able to witness the spectacular Fireworks competition in SM City Cebu. I heard there were 12 contestants who joined the competition. All entries are amazing and it burst a big “WOW” from the big audience! We are seeing it from the roof deck of SM Car Park and it is the best view.

Whew! How I love Cebu and this beautiful and colorful occasion! Indeed, ‘Sinulog Festival’ is the grandest and the mother of all festival in the Philippines!

Pit Senyor!