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Thank You Steve Jobs!

October 6th, 2011

Whoa! I’m back and blogging again… I think because I’m sad yet inspires me to write after reflecting of the news that I read this morning. The great mind of Apple Inc., Mr. Steve Jobs is dead. :(

Steve Jobs, the great innovator of the new centuryI’m saddened about the news of his death. And I can’t help myself from writing my personal reaction of his death… this is my way to extend condolences to the man that changed the world through his many hi-tech innovations and to whom my hubby look up and serve as inspiration in his job as an IT Specialist. The computing industry truly lost a great, unique, and brilliant mind, a one of a kind innovator of the new century!

I started to appreciate the brilliance of this man when I got my new iPhone 2 years ago that made me decide not to get any other new phone even branded one as replacement… because I simply got the best phone in my pocket already! Well, I would definitely get a new one but it should be the upgrade of what I have now… must be iPhone 5 😉

Steve’s innovation of iPod, iPhone, IPAD… are very human that even a 2 year old can already navigate on it… and I love to see my 3 year old able to download a new free game when my iPhone is with her… she loves playing on it and navigating every icons. Oh, it makes me a proud mom, because I didn’t teach her how to use it but she handles and learned it by her own… I owe it to Steve Jobs for bringing an extraordinary UI that is so human and easy to understand.

I think I just don’t admire him now… I love him… :) My prayer is for his beloved family in this time of grief.

Rest in peace Mr. Job! You will always be remembered! You definitely touched everybody’s lives including little kids.

Long distance birthday greetings

August 27th, 2010

It’s my friend’s birthday, but we are ocean’s apart… and I know there is no reason for me not to be able to greet her a “Happy Birthday”.

With lots and various emerging high tech trends nowadays, I can’t think of a reason if I still fail to send a long distance greeting to family members, friends and loved ones for any occasion. Not unless if the reason is being “unthoughtful”, busy, or simply no time to do so…

I have listed some options I can think of for me to be able to extend even a simple “Happy Birthday” message to a long distance friend of mine:

  • Connect to the internet and login to any popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Friendster – post a shout out to her wall or send a private message.
  • Write a blog with my special birthday greetings in my personal website and send the link to my friend – it’s another way of greeting a friend with a personal and unique touch.
  • If I’m in travel but within the “Wifi” area, grab my iPhone and connect to a free instant messaging that we are both subscribing. My favourite is the “YAK” application, very simple and handy.
  • Send an email with personalize electronic greeting cards – there are lots of beautiful e-cards flashing in the internet.
  • Grab a cellphone and dial her roaming number – it’s expensive but we can hear our voices and exchange talks.
  • Lastly, chat and open my video cam – especially if I know my friend is also always online.
  • And oh, sending birthday cards by snail mail is also an option! :)

Well, there are lots of options to take, the “techy” way or the “old-school” way – whatever our option is, I believe that sending greetings to loved ones will make us a part of their special day and will surely make them happy.

Friendship Anniversary

August 15th, 2010

Celebrating friendship is one of a great occasion, and remembering the day when we installed the friendship will strengthen the bonding. Way back in high school where we found each other and formed a group of 6 and then became close and almost shared the same passion, ideas and activities in school. We then realized that we could be friends for life then we marked a date as a day to commemorate our friendship yearly.

I tried to recall how we usually celebrate our anniversary way back in high school and it makes me smile… I remember that I wanted to make sure that I greeted a “Happy Anniversary” to the 5 of them first so I set my alarm clock 5 minutes before 12mn, so I can send a text message greeting right away. One of our favourite activity to make the celebration complete is to make sure that we heard holy mass together in our school chapel. The simple exchanging of gifts and letters will mark a remembrance of the celebration also.

Now that we have different lives, hectic schedule from work and family makes it difficult for all of us to bond regularly, some are even out of the country. But despite of the distance and time, I’m still proud that we remain friends for more or less 15 years now… and counting. Amidst all the misunderstandings, petty fights and long silence between each of us, the essence of friendship when blessed will never vanish. And we will always remember that we call ourselves ‘Cheramis’, which means ‘best of friends’.

Happy Anniversary Cheramis!

Mother’s Day

May 9th, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom whom since day 1 of my conception took good care of me until I was born and finally lead me to where I am now. And to all mother’s out there, this is the most special day to honor all of you!

From Wikipedia, Mother’s day is an annual holiday that recognizes mothers, motherhood and maternal bonds in general, as well the positive contributions that they make to society.

Motherhood is the best thing for me, I never realized how special and heroic all my mom’s sacrifices for me before until I myself get to taste the stage of motherhood. It is a special responsibility that each mother portrays uniquely and by instinct… I always love to hear my friends’ different stories who are now parents how they care and support their kids. I learned from them, and most especially I learned from my mom who showed me one of the best example of motherhood.

A mother does not only care for her kids but also to the father of her kids… this for me is the essence to perfect motherhood because when my little daughter sees how her dad and I bond and take care of each other, I see in her eyes how lovable she is and how sweetly she expressed that love to both of us too, and from there I can say that it is my first step to lead her to respect me as her mom.

Happy Mother’s day great Moms! :)

Glenah’s wedding

May 8th, 2010

sorry, this is the only shot I got of the couple

Finally, it’s Glenah’s wedding day and I really make it a “date” to attend and witness this very special occasion of her life. Glenah is one of my high school friend that I can always remember because we once shared a piece of our “admiration-to-a-nun” fever (just my own term, hehe) before… I can’t say the full details here but those high school memories are enough for me to be present in her special day… Well if our favourite FMA knows how well we managed our life after high school especially Glenah, I’m sure she will be very proud… And oh, not to mention, it’s been quite straight 11 years since we didn’t see each other. The first time we chatted after 11 years was on my cousin’s wedding day last year and gladly I met her again during our high school small reunion dinner last 3 months ago, where she announced her wedding date and invited us.

I’m glad to be with my high school classmates again, exchanging stories and news, it’s a nice feeling because these are the people whom I’m not seeing everyday yet when I got to see them occasionally and in an event like this, the happy thoughts of high school keeps pouring in… Oh, how I miss high school life.

high school classmates, iping, marie, matche, abbey and dothy...

with yayong and nera..

with yayong and nera...

To Glenah and Roy, my sincere Congratulations! I appreciate how you organized your wedding! You did it well, you’re such a nice couple to look at! The occasion is beautiful, well not to mention your motif is my favourite color. I’m also lucky I got your give aways (thanks to Iping), it’s a nice remembrance of your wedding, very useful… now I know why it’s ‘honey’. I wish you both a happy married life!

My cute green bag

October 13th, 2009


I love the color green so much that even how simple the token is and most especially when it is embellished with any shade of green, it will always make my eyes wide and a smile radiates… haha… a green fanatic. My dearest friend Joan knows it, and on my birthday I got one of the special birthday gift – a Leonardo green bag! I super like it and I just can’t help not to post it here.. hehe… Thanks so much dear.. :)

The green bag is one month old now with me and the generosity and sweetness of a friend etched a special mark in my memory forever. This is the beauty of friendship.