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Boys Over Flower – Korean version

January 11th, 2010
the cast of the Korean "Boys Over Flowers"

the cast of the Korean "Boys Over Flowers"

It’s so hard for me to stick and like a tele-series… but this “Boys Over Flower” series hit me big that I don’t sleep much this past few days just watching it over and over again… I heard about it last Christmas vacation where I stayed home to watch TV, and I can’t wait to see the next episode in the TV so I asked my hubby to download all 25 episodes and alas I have them all… hehe… Everybody likes it! It’s even a talk in the office and every weekend, hubby and I and even my little girl bond and watched it! haha… thanks to my addiction! 😉

Boys Over Flower is the Korean version of the original “Hana Yori Dango”, and I appreciate how the cast of this Korean version played the role, they are all fantastic and good! The way they portray it is so funny and so “kilig”! Of all F4, I heart the character of “Gu Jun Pyo”, he is very adorable! I love him from start to finish! You better grab your own copy and watch it with your friends, and with families. Indeed a good series to watch for a bonding occasion!

Hope to see Gu Jun Pyo and Jan Di in person! 😉

New Moon Movie Premiere Night

November 20th, 2009

I reserved 2 tickets a month in advance just to watch Twilight, New Moon movie – and yes! the premiere night is tonight! 1 hour to go and I will be in front of the big screen! When I claimed my ticket this afternoon, I end up waiting for almost 30 minutes… and you can imagine how long the line was towards the movie ticket booth! And all Premiere seats were taken, whew!

I’m not really a fan of Edward but I admire his mysterious character, I hope the movie will be as exciting as reading the book. This will be my first movie premiere experience, because I usually don’t go out on a premiere night because of the crowd, but this time I want to try it and don’t wanna miss the fun! I’m also excited with the new character of Jacob. See you tonight New Moon cast! hehe.. 😉