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Shopping Spree, Flowers and Tsim Sha Tsui dinner for my birthday

September 15th, 2010

a surprise bouquet of my favorite flowers

Claire playing on her table while waiting for the food...

It’s a good thing to have availed of a birthday leave and away from my office desk and laptop so I can enjoy my birthday the whole day. I’m not going out of town this year or any lavish party at my expense for this special occasion of my life. But I only wanted to have a special dinner with the 2 most special people in my life and a shopping spree treat. I even did not expect an expensive bouquet of flower to be delivered in my office the day before my birthday.

I always make it a point to go to Church first before all other occasion activites and hear Holy Mass as my thanksgiving to the good Lord who has given me so many blessings in my life. And this year is even unique because I am able to go to Confession as well. It’s a perfect day, the weather is good and the planned dinner to Tsim Sha Tsui in Ayala makes my stomach full… It’s my first time to this restaurant and I’m pretty satisfied with the food and the ambiance is good, maybe because the place is mostly coated with my favorite color.

I also got everything I want from my shopping, from shoes, to dresses, spa, etc… and I can say, I got all I want for my birthday plus a surprise bouquet of my favorite flower coming from the love of my life completes the occasion. Indeed a very happy birthday to me!

To the love of my life, Happy Birthday!

September 27th, 2009

happybirthdaycoverThree months before his birthday, I already thought of making his birthday a memorable one and I wanted to celebrate it in the place where both of us can have a special bonding together away from home. Our current budget and time cannot afford to go out of the country yet so I think of a trip to Baguio City… I told him this plan and he approved it, I’m so excited!

The weather cooperates to the occasion, I prayed so hard that amidst the storm in Manila, God will keep us safe and let us enjoy this special day, and thank God He answered my prayer. From Baguio, we arrived in Makati safe and the typhoon is gone although we experienced some rainfalls but we ignore it, I tried my best to make him happy on his day so no room for any complaints even how uncomfortable I am with the rain. But when we arrived in the Mall of Asia, the rest of the day was already his day, we had so much fun!

We had lunch in “Burgoo” – I’m amazed with their unique style of having their table covers in a blank white paper and they have coloring materials ready on top, then I found out that we can freely mess the table and write anything on it… then I write a big “happy birthday” greetings to the love of my life… hehe… perfect background which reminds us why were here, it’s his birthday! Less than 15 minute, our food is served – I tried their chef’s choice of soup for the day – the creamy mushroom soup, it’s delicious! The main dish that my hubby picked is one of Burgoo’s best – the Shrimps and Rib’s platter, we enjoyed our lunch up to the last rib! My mango shake is perfect too… the restaurant is cozy and very comfortable, it’s one of the best dining experience.

the birthday celebrant...

the birthday celebrant...

the mango shake with our inspiring background

the mango shake with our inspiring background

the chef's choice of soup for the day

the chef's choice of soup for the day

the best shrimp and rib's platter

the best shrimp and rib's platter

Then we spent the rest of the afternoon in the Science Discovery Center which highlighted the 45-minute planetarium show, Ice World. Everything we shared together on this birthday is first time and special to me and I’m sure he enjoyed his special day! Indeed a blessed day and a memorable one!

Happy Birtdhay, mwah! 😉

Lunch in Shangri-la – on my birthday

September 20th, 2009

mybirthday015Every birthday of mine always turns out to be exciting! This year, I like to spend it a little more private and intimate… so I filed a birthday leave for the first time in my job history and my friend Anne is right, having a day off on your birthday is like giving yourself a special birthday treat! I feel so relaxed because there’s no need to rush in between break times from work just to celebrate my birthday. So it’s indeed a happy occasion.

I always make it a point to start celebrating my birthday attending the Holy Mass to thank God for the gift of life and for all the blessings he bestow in me the past years and to ask His continued blessings at the coming years. After the mass, the most exciting part is to have lunch in Shangri-la Mactan! Why I’m excited? Well, honestly it’s my first time to this hotel, and I’ve always wanted to be here, bear with my excitement… hehe.

The place is amazing! All the hotel attendants that we met anywhere in the area always carry with them a smile and a greeting which makes me feel welcomed even if stayed there for lunch only. One of the lady attendants freely gave me a tour guide of the place going to the restaurant I booked. I love the scenery from the parking lot, to the lobby, then to the garden, to every restaurant and bar I passed, then the view of their infinity pool and then to the white sand sea shore to the blue wonderful beach. A complete wow! – this is not a review because looking into the place is already an assurance that the hotel is indeed 5-star!

We had my birthday lunch in the hotel’s Aqua Restaurant where we are warmly greeted and welcomed by the store attendant and their waiters… the waiter who attended our orders is very accommodating! I am just an average/middle class citizen but this time I honestly don’t mind how expensive the menu list is because all the services I got deserves it. I love their Calzone and the mango shake is perfect!

This birthday is one of the greatest  because I’m joined with the people who are so dear to me and who loves me, they complete my day.  It’s indeed a ‘Happy, happy birthday!’


My “Tapa King” Experience

August 20th, 2009

tapaking_experienceThis day is one of those ordinary occasions but wanted to make it different from the previous days by having a lunch out in The Walk, IT Park Cebu. I’m deliberating which restaurant to go that can satisfy my hunger at the same time enjoys good food and service… well, there are lots of choices when I wanted to spend special occasions by having dinner in “The Walk”… there’s Casa Verde, Shakey’s, Moon Café and a lot more. This time, I ended up trying Tapa King again.

Since their opening day, it’s my 2nd time to dine at Tapa King, my first impression was not so great, and nevertheless I still wanted to try it hoping I will have better dining experience this time. But unfortunately, I’m quite discontented after I realized my hunger that food is served longer than usual, I wonder what took it so long to serve my food knowing the fact that there were only 3 customers waiting and my order is just a tapa with sunny side up egg. I tried their ‘Tapa Queen’ which their attendant described it as sweet and spicy… the tapa is not served hot and is not spicy at all…and to my dismay the serving is not valuable for an 89.00 pesos and the food is not delicious. Sad to say I got a bad dining experience for this occasion.

But maybe their other menu taste good… their lined up menu is impressive to look at, from salads, sandwiches, meriendas to deserts… but it seems like I will not be able to try them since I’m not coming back to Tapa King for a 3rd time, not unless when one of my fastidious friends will recommend the place or I can read good credible reviews.