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Christmas Party in black and white

December 17th, 2010

Christmas party which is usually held annually is one of the highlight festive activity during the holiday season. We can attend as many christmas party as we want, from simple gathering of friends at home to a big gathering such as a company’s christmas party. And this year’s party excites me because of our theme which is a black and white christmas party… it is indeed very fun! Everybody is beautiful with their black and white attire. So from decorations, attire up to the the table cloths and linens… should be all in black and white.

I observed that most of the attire are black dress with white shoes and jewelries, others wear white dress with black shoes and jewelries while others also wear a black and white dress. I just love to see all 200 of us looks stylish, elegant and beautiful.

It’s indeed a different christmas party look for me, but of course since our main theme color is very neutral, the decorations can mix with some reds and greens of christmas to look it more festive. In general, it’s a one festive, stylish and elegant christmas party I ever had!

The essence of Gift Giving during Christmas

December 15th, 2010

It is so gratifying for a co-officemate to drop by your desk and greet you a Happy Holidays and hand you a christmas gift. It makes me ponder of how beautiful this people are who thinks beyond themselves and share their blessings to others. The act of generosity is very precious during this season of the year, even how simple the sharing of gifts are, the act gives a smile in one’s face and can also create a ripple, because if you receive something, you feel like you have to share something too.

The spirit of gift giving during christmas for me is to spread your blessings and make the people you love and care fo happy. The word “Christmas” itself is the essence of why we have to give during this very special occasion, because it is with Christmas that Christ himself extend his unconditional love to all of us.

I can party all night, eat and drink all night during this holiday but I wish not to forget that to be generous especially to this very appropriate occasion makes my holiday complete and meaningful.

A happy christmas to everyone.

My Christmas Tree

December 3rd, 2010

Christmas is in the air once again and the thought of it makes me festive and everyday starting the first week of December seems like a busy day always… preparing things for the upcoming parties, scheduling lunch and dinner with friends, shopping for christmas decors, and foods to serve during the occasion and most of all the gift giving.

All these activities are very popular once a year and that is during the Christmas season. Decorations will never be complete without the christmas tree at the corner of the living room where the whole family will gather and exchange each others gifts.

I dream of a 7 ft christmas tree full of christmas balls and different colors and sizes of decorations all over it.  But I think it’s not yet time for me to have it yet, so I settled with our old 4 ft christmas tree which the family used for over 5 years. I know my christmas tree is still beautiful especially with lots of gifts underneath that we can share to everybody.

Hhhmm… Maybe I can also try a live christmas tree someday. :) Merry Christmas!

A black and white theme for christmas party

December 1st, 2010

When I heard a month ago that the company’s Christmas party theme for this year is “black and white”, I just simply nod and said to myself, it’s very easy to look for an attire then…

But barely two weeks before the occasion, I started to panic because I find it difficult to choose and look for the best black and white attire that I think will fit me best… I shop from one mall to the other… and rummaged almost all the boutiques for almost the whole day and to my surprise, I can’t find any! Until it took me almost 3 days before the party to find the black dress I like, finally. So, it’s not easy after all…

Here are the tips I carried with me while shopping for the best attire that I can think of for a black and white party theme:

  • Choose from the option of having a plain black dress or plain white dress, or combination of the two colors – I settled with a black dress for me to look petite.
  • Look for a modest dress yet elegant
  • Match the fashion jewelry with the dress – if I chose black, so my jewelry should be pearl, or white.
  • Match my bag and shoes
  • Finally, exercise and have fun by hopping from as many fashion boutique destination as possible so you can have lots of options and can even compare prices.

Looking forward for a fun-filled Christmas party!

The “ber” months

September 1st, 2010

What are the “ber” months? First thing that comes to my mind when September 1 flashes in my calendar is that Christmas is fast approaching, the most lively and awesome occasion of the year. The “ber” suffixes month obviously started September then October, November and finally December, and as early as 1st day of September, Christmas music is on the air… in radio stations, malls and even at home. It makes me feel excited to celebrate Christmas.

September is also my favourite month, because it has the most number of special occasions in my planner.  Looking forward to a fruitful, safe and enjoyable remaining 4 months of 2010… and it is yet 155 days to Christmas.

Christmas is on the air

December 24th, 2009

I need to sit down and scribble before I feel sleepy… anything that comes out in my mind.

The past few weeks, and days were so hectic, busy, and on a holiday-mode. Shopping christmas gifts today, party tomorrow, dinner dates with friends, out of town travel, office gathering, company gathering… whew! name it all! These are the stuffs that keeps me going and occupied a month before christmas.

I don’t want to miss writing something about this special and biggest occasion, the Christmas Season! Christmas is on the air and I wish everyone will be happy celebrating this occasion.