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The Great American Circus is in Town

January 7th, 2011

The great and fascinating American circus will be here in Cebu starting this weekend, January 9 to 10 at Waterfront Lahug Cebu City. Then great performance will follow on January 11 to 12 at Cebu Coliseum.

The said circus is known to feature death-defying stunts and the performers will perform and present the exciting acts such as “Classic Flying Skills”, “Teeter Pole”, “Masterful Magic”, “Towering Chair Balance”, “Wheel of Death” and a lot more spectacular stunts.

I never had seen a great circus before so when I heard of them performing in our place, I don’t want to miss the opportunity. This will be a great bonding occasion for the family this weekend.

Show times schedule are the following:

  • Waterfront Hotel –  1:30 p.m., 4:30 p.m., and 7:30 p.m. Tickets cost P2,000, P1,500, P1,000, and P500.
  • Cebu Coliseum – 4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. The tickets are priced at P1,000, P800, P400, P250, and P150.

Tickets may be bought at the following outlets:

  • SM City Cebu Customer Service,
  • Ticketworld at,
  • Waterfront Hotel, Lahug (232.6888),
  • Cebu Coliseum (255.8919, 255.1405),
  • and Ayala Center Cebu Concierge.

Amway Sales Convetion

October 24th, 2010

I never been into a sales convention before but because of my curiosity plus my good mentor and “upline” treat me to the event, I decided to join them and fly to Manila for a 1 day convention in order to witness and discover the beauty of Amway.

What is Amway anyway? I love how they say it in the convention… “Amway is helping people live better lives.” Create a ripple and attract others to join in helping people live better lives. I believe in this phrase because I feel better including the whole family when we started to maintain Nutrilite vitamins.

I’m introduced to Amway early this year by my Doctor and started to like their Nutrilite vitamins, and I keep on patronizing them up to now… from Nutrilite to Artistry which is their beauty products then to their home care products. I am very open to this kind of business because I believe it is not just networking people but also building friendship and camaraderie between members. And I also believe that Amway is pushing me to do business and be an entrepreneur someday.

Attending the convention makes me want to jump to the top level right away and be awarded, just how those successful people get rewarded and recognized. I’m sure it’s a nice feeling having your own business through Amway, but listening to them in the convention makes me realize it is never easy to be an entrepreneur, but it is possible! Well someday, I maybe one like them creating a ripple, helping more people live better lives… So, I didn’t regret to be in this occasion because aside from building opportunity within me, I also meet new friends and get to know my doctor and “upline” well. I’m proud of her for gradually making it to the top despite of her hectic schedules and she still managed to handle the business part time with flying colors.

The sales convention is successful plus I got to see Paeng Nepomuceno up close in person…

Minglanilla Town Fiesta

August 22nd, 2010

Happy Fiesta!

As a Catholic, A “Town Fiesta” usually involves thanksgiving and celebration of the parish’s patron saint. It is an occasion where the town-folks gathered together and enjoy lots of fun activities initiated by the parish and the municipal government officials as well. The sumptuous foods, drinks, “disco”, games are just some of the items in the list when you go to fiestas.

Minglanilla is known to be the “Sugat Capital” in Cebu and is also known during its town fiestas wherein full pack activities are well prepared by the organizers yearly. I always make sure to travel back home every fiesta and be with the whole family. This year’s fiesta  fall on a Sunday so I will make it a point to hear Holly Mass in Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish itself, whose feast we are celebrating.

I’m sure varieties of Filipino foods are waiting in the table when I get home… not to mention the all time favorite of Cebuanos, the lechon, then my favourite chicken curry, pork menudo, pancit, lumpia, and many more. Oh, it makes me hungry now, so I better pack my things now and go to the province.

Happy Fiesta all Minglanilla Town folks and visitors!

My first time to play Paintball

October 25th, 2009

It’s Rowel’s birthday and I’m glad how this day turned out to be such a memorable occasion not just to the birthday boy but as well as to me because I play paintball for the first time… at last! The birthday party is held inside a paintball game site and everybody had so much fun, eating, singing, picture taking, drinking… until one of my colleagues suggested that the boys will play paintball after eating. How about the girls? Well, at last… I’m brave finally, I don’t want to be left out also since the other girls will play.

paintball game

the game is about to start and we still manage to pose...

thats me, hiding...

thats me, hiding...

When the game is about to start, I honestly feel scared thinking of how painful it is if get hit! Scared but excited… and my excitement reached to the highest level when the umpire gave a loud ready-set-go signal. What a nice feeling when I tried to run as fast as I could to find a perfect spot to hide myself at the same time find the target opponent and shoot… The best part is when the game is about to conclude and when I tried to go out from where I’m hiding to look for the enemy and… OUCH!, I’m HIT! I felt two paintballs splat on both legs! But at least we win! Happy!

Paintball is indeed a “No Paint-No Fun” game and it’s fantastic! No wonder many loves to play paintball even the girls, now I know how much fun it is! It is painful and even I go home with 2 large bruises, at the end of the day, I decided to play again! Hope I could organize and invite all my girl friends!

Thanks for Rowel’s birthday and “WebOss Paintball”… visit their website at :)

My first trip to Baguio City

October 11th, 2009

To be able to go to the summer capital of the country, Baguio City is one of the places I wanted to go ever since… and at last I got to tour the place and enjoyed the fresh cold air and the city’s various scenic and historical spots. I planned our Baguio trip for 2 months, secured an early promo booking for our plane ticket, tried to look for the best hotel to stay, developed itinerary, listed the things to bring, the budget and even acquired our own personal map – my travel partner’s idea.. :)

I just want to share how the whole trip goes and why it was such a successful, memorable and blessed trip even for a short time.

Exactly 8:25 am – A very fine weather made our flight and arrival to Manila safe and sound. I already felt the excitement even if our craft captain announced the delayed of our arrival due to the problem of frequency signal in NAIA.

10:30 am – We hired an airport taxi to bring us to the nearest Victory Liner terminal in Pasay. Just in time we got the last ticket for the 10:30 am trip. We had ourselves comfortable bringing with us food and drinks for I’m already aware how long the trip to Baguio base on my research. But the clean and cosy bus didn’t give me any discomfort plus I had the comforting company of my hubby. I enjoyed the view while on our way and when we were nearing Baguio, the fog almost covered our view and I’m so amazed to see that Baguio is a city within a mountain.

6:30 pm – It drizzled when we reached the bus terminal of the city and when I stepped out of the bus, I already feltl the gentle cold breeze and it excites me the more. When a man approached us and offered us a ride to our hotel and later learned he is a tourist guide, I decided to hire him for only 2,500 for a whole day trip the next day.

Burnham Hotel is the hotel I booked for our whole stay in Baguio, It is a simple, small and old hotel in the city. It is accessible and a walking distance to most of the popular tourist spots so even if it isn’t the best choice of a hotel, I don’t mind.

7:30 pm – We went out and get a walk in Session Road and trying to find a restaurant where we can eat dinner, I had no idea what is the best place to eat here aside from the common, Jollibee, KFC, Don Henricos, Pizza Hut, etc… until I sight “Solibao”, they served Filipino cuisine and it’s worth a try because I’m satisfied with the food I ordered and the service is good.

Our 2nd day in Baguio was the highlight of this trip. I’m so excited to wake up early and the rain doesn’t stop us to tour the whole city of Baguio. Our tour guide is good for he was able to tour us around almost all the places of Baguio City from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and the rest of the day we managed ourselves.

These are the scenic places in Baguio where we spend the rest of the day (in order):


Lourdes Grotto. Early morning and I got an exercise by climbing the 252 steps, whew!


Baguio Heritage Hall and Prayer Mountain. We were so lucky to get inside this heritage hall, for this place is supposed to be restricted to ordinary travelers, good thing our tour guide had an access so the guard and allowed us to see inside. It is a ruined yet historical building and I cannot state the whole history here, our tour guide was very good in explaining to us. I find the place spooky yet magical, especially when we got to go to the top of the ruined hall where you can see the other side of Baguio.


Easter Weaving Room Factory. I can’t believe I finally saw weaving in action!


Botanical Garden. The very famous scenic spot in Baguio, very wonderful place and I cannot forget the photo shoot we had with the natives. It’s perfect for postcards… hehe


Wright Park. The horseback riding in Baguio, and it’s my first time to ride the back of the horse! Haha, super fun!


The Mansion. Right in front Wright Park is another long stairs, and even how tired it was I had to hike about another 100 steps just to add the fun! We took this way towards the Mansion, exactly a perfect frontal view even if it’s still a very long walking distance towards it.


Mines View Park. The place is very cold as if you are on top of the mountain. There are lots of souvenir shops and I got confused what to buy because there were so many.


Camp John Hay. On our way to Camp John Hay, I got a perfect view of different and beautiful pine trees surrounding our way, we passed by the Golf Estate, Camp John Hay Manor, took picture at the mini statue of Liberty, and tour around the beautiful place.


Paintball Republic. I don’t want to miss and see how this famous Paintball Republic in Baguio is set up. Indeed it is a big game site, where pine trees become one of the obstacles of the game. Butterfly Sanctuary is beside the paintball game site but because I’m so hungry already, we missed it.


Ibay’s Silver Shop. After our late lunch, we dropped by the most famous silver shop in Baguio.


Burnham Park. The very heart of Baguio City! I don’t want to miss the boat riding in the park’s lagoon too, wonderful experience… when we get out from the boat, the rain began to pour but it did not stop us to stroll around the park. We dropped by the Orchidarium where it is in this place I am so amazed with different kinds of orchids that I haven’t seen ever since… the more I get inspired to install one mini orchidarium at home.


Baguio Cathedral. After a short rest back in the hotel which is a walking distance from Burnham Park, we took another walk and trekked another long stairs towards Baguio Cathedral. It’s 5:30 in my watch and we have to catch up the 6:00 pm anticipated Mass.

SM City Mall. After the mass, we planned to end our Baguio tour going to SM City Baguio. I think this is the only mall I know in the country that doesn’t have AC installed in mostly part of the mall area… well, the coolness of the city already serves as aircon. And indeed it is very cold inside that I had to wear my jacket on.


Classic Savory Chicken Restaurant. We had a sumptuous dinner on our last night in Baguio. The restaurant is nice and clean and the service is good and the food we ordered is delicious!

It was a beautiful and enjoyable day… an occasion that I will never forget. I will definitely go back to Baguio and bring the rest of my family and friends…

Typhoon Ondoy Experience

September 26th, 2009

I get myself ready to tour the city of Baguio, and it’s a cold Saturday morning… I had mixed feelings – I’m excited at the same time, worried and sad knowing that a typhoon will hit Luzon. I’m worried because the bad weather might totally ruined our tour, but fortunately, Baguio City is not covered by the Typhoon Ondoy, it only drizzled on and off the whole morning and the rain only poured hard late afternoon, just in time our Baguio tour was done. God answered my prayer to give us a chance to enjoy our tour, rain or shine.

When we reached back the hotel and turned on the television, I feel so pity and sad looking at what the typhoon “Ondoy” have done to Manila and the people, the flood is so fierce that it reached high even to 3-story houses and it flashed away many things inside many houses and i can’t believe my eyes looking at the screen on a car flashed away as if it is a piece of paper… These victims needs help, and at the point where I am now, the least I can do is to extend my prayers to them. I thought typhoon Ondoy hit Baguio City in the evening because it rain so hard and the wind is blowing the trees so harshly and we got stranded in SM, we got ourselves soaked in the rain because the taxi line seems endless and it’s already 9:00 in the evening. I’m worried our flight back to Cebu will be cancelled but I draw strength from my hubby and faith in God that we will all reached our destination safe and sound.

The next day, I believe Ondoy is gone… when we reached Manila, we still experienced lots of rain but our flight is on schedule and the airplane even reached the airport back home 20 minutes early. Typhoon Ondoy did not ruined my Baguio tour after all… it was fun and I bring with me good memories of Baguio and the rest is a blessing! 😉

Now, we reached home safe and sound, I reflected that God is so good to me on the same day where the typhoon ruined many lives and many families are now suffering – it’s time for me to show God’s goodness too in my own little way, I thought of buying canned goods and noodles tonight and give it to the donation center. I hope and pray that the victims will be healed in the grace of God.