The essence of Gift Giving during Christmas

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It is so gratifying for a co-officemate to drop by your desk and greet you a Happy Holidays and hand you a christmas gift. It makes me ponder of how beautiful this people are who thinks beyond themselves and share their blessings to others. The act of generosity is very precious during this season of the year, even how simple the sharing of gifts are, the act gives a smile in one’s face and can also create a ripple, because if you receive something, you feel like you have to share something too.

The spirit of gift giving during christmas for me is to spread your blessings and make the people you love and care fo happy. The word “Christmas” itself is the essence of why we have to give during this very special occasion, because it is with Christmas that Christ himself extend his unconditional love to all of us.

I can party all night, eat and drink all night during this holiday but I wish not to forget that to be generous especially to this very appropriate occasion makes my holiday complete and meaningful.

A happy christmas to everyone.

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